Review | Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in the BEST Christmas Movie of the 2022 Season

Ryan Reynolds it’s with everything. Protagonist of one of the biggest hits in the universe of superheroes for kids – ‘Deadpool‘ – and one of the biggest flops of the previous generation – ‘Green Lantern‘ –, married to one of the most beloved actresses on the scene (Blake Lively) and father of three (with one more on the way), the actor is on the rise in hollywood for years, becoming one of the most profitable names in the industry, with enormous appeal especially among young audiences. There was, however, one missing christmas movie in the actor’s career. Well, not anymore. As a major launch of streaming from Apple TV+reached subscribers of the platform the feature ‘Spirited – A Christmas Carol‘, starring none other than our dear Deadpool🇧🇷

Every year the spirits of Christmas Gift 🇧🇷Will Ferrell🇧🇷 Past 🇧🇷Sunita Mani) and Future (played by Loren G. Woodswith narration by Tracy Morgan) elect a person in the world who needs to redeem his mistakes and become a better person at the end of the year. However, this year Gift is restless, dissatisfied with the choice of department. In an act of rebellion, he asks that the person of that year be replaced by Clint Briggs 🇧🇷Ryan Reynolds), an unscrupulous speculator who lives by feeding hatred in people in his work segments, profiting from the virtual engagement of the propagation of hatred. Determined to make Clint redeem himself, even though he is an incorrigible individual, Gift will do anything to make that happen, even if it means breaking a protocol or two. What he didn’t expect was to feel a new feeling when Kimberly 🇧🇷Octavia Spencer), employee of Clintcan see him and talk to him, causing Gift rethink about the possibility of retiring and being human again.

Based on the classic of Christmas classics –’A Christmas Tale‘, in Charles Dickens – which has already inspired numerous film and literary adaptations (I myself have a book on Christmas that makes a rereading of this story), ‘Spirited – A Christmas Carol‘ is simply the best christmas movie of the vintage 2022🇧🇷 To start the conversation, the script for Sean Anders and john morris makes a beautiful contemporary reinterpretation of this 19th century history, by revamping the concept of Scrooge to current times as the guy who spreads hate on the internet and profits off of an industry that feeds on promoting hate among people. This is the heart of the protagonist’s redemption, and lies in his journey of social criticism of the time in which we live. Whereas Reynolds will attract a young audience to see this film, it’s a brilliant idea of ​​the script to bring this theme in that way.

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But the movie Sean Anders 🇧🇷Father in Double Dose‘) goes beyond: ‘Spirited – A Christmas Carol‘ it is a musical🇧🇷 A super, mega, hyper, ultra musical, those that fill the screen with thousands of extras jumping, dancing, tap dancing, choreographing. There are scenes in open and also closed locations, and they all work as if by magic. It’s simply mesmerizing to see all that work so often in the more than two hours of the film’s duration, and, quite unexpectedly, to manage to include a solo from Octavia Spencer singing, an amazing participation judi dench and, lo and behold: an entire bubblegum song about a bad word.

🇧🇷Spirited – A Christmas Carol‘ is driven by the charisma, naturalness and spontaneity of the chemistry between Reynolds and farrell🇧🇷 All of their scenes are hilarious. The speeches are clever. The interpretations, to the measure. The line between being serious and joking is so finely managed by both of them, that it engages the viewer in the constant clash between the two characters. It’s nice to see them together on stage.

Has drama🇧🇷 musical🇧🇷 romance🇧🇷 comedy and even horror🇧🇷 🇧🇷Spirited – A Christmas Carol‘ is a very complete film that, on top of that, is a christmas movie🇧🇷 It needed to be shown on the big screen. However, it is, without a doubt, the best film of its kind and the best choice for this year-end.

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