Sony wanted to bring PlayStation Plus to the Xbox, but Microsoft “wouldn’t allow it”, says SIE

Another interesting background emerges from the various documents declassified by the British CMA about the fight between Xbox and PlayStation over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard: Sony would have tried to bring PlayStation Plus to Xboxbut Microsoft would not have allowedis what is reported by the Japanese company in the report.

It would thus be a perfectly opposite response to the statement already made in the past by Microsoft about the fact that it proposed the distribution of Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation but received a refusal from Sony. It is difficult to say when and how this proposal would have occurred, since the official documents sent to the British antitrust authority do not precisely communicate the terms of the attempted agreement, of which there was no news until then.

“Microsoft’s position that the availability of Game Pass on PlayStation as the solution to all possible harm caused by this transaction seems rather hollow, considering Microsoft does not allow PlayStation Plus to be available on Xbox,” say the documents submitted to Sony at the UK CMA.

Although the position of Microsoft is known, which has repeatedly reported that it is open to bringing Xbox Game Pass to other platforms, as Phil Spencer also often says, this is in fact the first time that we have heard of the opposite situation, with to Sony he had never made such comments or otherwise expressed a willingness to bring Game Pass to Xbox or other consoles.

Clearly, neither company would have much interest in offering the rival’s subscription service on its own platform, so the responses are definitely understandable, but the fact that this alleged proposal was also made by Sony, pending further information or statements about the matter.


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