Survivors report moments of terror during attack on schools in ES: “Shot grazed”

This Monday (28), one of the survivors of the attack on two schools in Aracruz, Espírito Santo, described the horrific moments she experienced when she came face to face with the killer. Teacher Jessica Conceição Perini, 31, told UOL Notícias that she was grazed on the head, but, fortunately, she did not suffer anything more serious.

According to the statement, Jessica was in the teachers’ lounge at Primo Bitti State School when the shooter entered the premises. She ran for cover, but noticed a rush of air near her head. “It was like a war scene. As I turned to run, I felt something pass over my head. The shot missed. But I didn’t notice, because I didn’t feel pain”narrated the Biology teacher.

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Jessica recalled that, after hearing the sound of shots, she noticed the criminal’s approach and hid behind a sofa. “He [o atirador] he was there to kill himself. I figured I wouldn’t make it out of there alive. I just closed my eyes and waited for the shots to hit me. It just didn’t happen.”she said, relieved. “I prayed to God while hearing the shots”he added.

Holy Spirit Shooter1
The teenage shooter used weapons owned by his father, who is a lieutenant in the Military Police, to shoot at schools. (Photo: Reproduction/Social Media)

According to the portal, the young woman has been working at the institution for nine years and was desperate when she noticed the scale of the tragedy. “I looked around and saw that whoever was close had been hit. I was very close to Cybelle and Flavia”, commented in reference to the two teachers who died after the attack. In addition to them, another professional and a student also lost their lives. “They were horror scenes, which come back to my memory all the time. I felt a deep sadness, because I lost dear friends. But I got a second chancecompleted.

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After despair, Jessica noticed that she had been hit. “If the shot had been a little under, I wouldn’t be here to tell the story. The five teachers who were close to me were shot. It was a miracle I wasn’t hit, because I was unprotected.”, narrated. The vehicle explains that she even sought medical attention, however, due to the superficiality of the wound, she did not need any type of treatment.

Another survivor who also opened up about the moments of terror was Ana Paula Coutinho. The teacher said that she was in a state of shock at the time of the attack. “But the other people were unresponsive. Then I saw my colleagues bloodied on the floor again.”said.

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Marlene Fernandes Barcelos also gave her testimony. She revealed that she helped the students escape the shooter and left the scene shortly thereafter. “When I realized it was a shot, I ran and asked the guard to open the gate for the students to leave. I said: ‘know it’s a shot.’ Then the students ran. Some even jumped over the school wall. I managed to escape with the students. We survive”he concluded.

The attack

The attack took place this Friday (25) at the Primo Bitti State Primary and Secondary School and at the Praia de Coqueiral Educational Center (formerly Darwin), a private teaching unit located on the same avenue, in Praia de Coqueiral, 22 km from the city center.

According to UOL, authorities reported that the shooter, a 16-year-old teenager, is the son of a lieutenant in the Military Police. He would have planned the crime for two years. Shortly afterwards, the suspect was apprehended from his family home. In the security camera footage, he appears wearing long-sleeved camouflage clothing, with a mask and a hat. Check out:

The criminal entered the state school first, already wielding a pistol and firing several shots. Afterwards, he went to the teachers’ room, where he fired again, leaving four people dead.

The author of the killing left the institution in a car, a gold Renault Duster model. The license plates of the vehicle were covered. From there, he went to the private school Centro Educacional Praia de Coqueiral, which is located in the same region, where he injured five people and took the life of another person.

Shooter invaded two schools (Photo: Reproduction / Security Cameras)

At the end of the attack, the shooter fled in the vehicle. The case left residents in a panic and security in the neighborhood was strengthened. After the incident, firefighters used a helicopter to rescue one of the people shot.

suspect is arrested

In the early afternoon of Friday itself, Renato Casagrande, governor of ES, announced the arrest of the shooter. According to the police, the vehicle used in the action and in the escape, had the license plate partially covered, however, the remaining numbers were enough to identify the killer’s address. He was arrested four hours after the attack, at his home in Aracruz.

🇧🇷Our security teams caught up with the author of the attack who, cowardly, attacked two schools in Aracruz in the morning,” Casagrande said on Twitter. The governor declared three days of mourning in Espírito Santo. 🇧🇷I declared three days of official mourning as a sign of grief for the irreparable losses. We will continue to investigate the reasons and, soon, we will have new clarifications“, he concluded.

Four victims lost their lives

This Saturday (26), the Secretary of Health of Espírito Santo (Sesa) confirmed the death of a 38-year-old woman, victim of the attack. Flavia Amoss Merçon Leonardo was a teacher at Primo Bitti State School and was the first person to be hit.

In addition to Flavia, two teachers and a student had also been killed. According to g1, Selena Zagrillo, 12 years old, Maria da Penha Pereira de Melo Baths, 48 ​​years old, were buried earlier this afternoon (26). The relatives of Cybelle Passos Bezerra, 45, preferred that her body be cremated and taken to Pernambuco, where other relatives live.

The Secretariat also reported that six of the thirteen people who were injured in the attack are still hospitalized, five of them in serious condition: three teachers and two children. One of them aged 14, with perforations in the head, while the other, aged 11, with perforations in the abdomen. According to the latest bulletin released, the two children underwent surgery and were in the ICU in serious condition.

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