The press needs to stop reinforcing the idea that Neymar is a victim of hate

We are good at inverting narratives. We’ve been doing this for 500 years. We like to say, for example, that Brazil was discovered. Brazil was not discovered; it was invaded and occupied.

The inversion takes place when we take the land away from those who were here and today we say that it is the excluded who try to take the land away from its true owners.

We constantly create narratives that delicately hide the true story. Ultimately, these narratives are called fake news.

At the moment, the narrative they are trying to build is that Neymar is a victim of hate. Colleagues in the press do that, Ronaldo did that, Neymar did that.

This is not the story and the creation of Neymar’s narrative in the role of the victim is cruel and perverse.

Neymar is not a victim of anything. Neymar is dealing with the impact of the actions she has taken in life.

He got hurt, like so many get hurt playing soccer, and then he didn’t see the country collectively moved by him.

This bothered him and instead of getting involved in the situation, as a mature adult would, trying to understand motives and reasons, Neymar chose to victimize himself.

Ronaldo’s open letter reinforces this place of a Ney boy, the wronged star player.

It would be decent if Neymar stopped to seek explanations for not being national unanimity.

I offer some.

Neymar openly supports the most violent president in the history of Brazil.

A president whose adopted economic policies built a scenario of 33 million hungry people and 125 million people who do not know when they are going to have their next meal.

Neymar, who was accused by the Federal Revenue of trying to circumvent the IR, was fined and ran to Bolsonaro’s lap to have the R$ 88 million fine suspended.

At first, he got what he wanted, but the Revenue appealed.

During the World Cup, we learned that Neymar bought the third aircraft, worth approximately R$ 50 million.

You see: he uses his money, which he earned honestly for being one of the greatest athletes in history, as he pleases. But the people are not stupid and make the association between debt and abundance directly.

Those who have R$88 million to pay in income tax have earned 100, 200 times that amount. The number alone may seem huge, but it is a percentage of earnings.

Income tax money is used to build a hospital, school, day care center.

Is this the Neymar who wants the nation’s undisputed solidarity in the face of a swollen ankle?

Neymar said he supported Bolsonaro because he has the same values ​​as him.

Bolsonaro’s values ​​are homophobia, machismo, racism, torture, rape as a compliment, annihilation of those who think differently from him, sympathy for Hitler, denial of the Holocaust and acceptance of his Nazi-fascist base of supporters.

Who shares this is what?

Neymar supported a president who spreads hatred, death, destruction, devastation.

By supporting this monster, Neymar contributed to the rise of hate speech in Brazil.

Placing Neymar as a victim of the naturalization of hate speech is perverse with the Brazilian population, massacred by this government supported by Neymar.

Neymar actually acted as an agent of hate.

Reinforcing the victimization of someone who supports this horror is dishonestly inverting the narrative.

No one wanted Neymar to get hurt, but millions didn’t care when he got hurt because for at least four years he hasn’t cared about the deep and unfair wounds of this nation.

That’s the story. The rest, with all due respect, is a nursery for fake news.

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