The Walking Dead changed its ending several times

The Walking Dead series, which ended after 11 seasons, had a unique trajectory, with several controversial moments. However, the zombie universe will still continue for a few years.

However, the original plans for the series finale were changed several times by the writing team, thinking about the future of the franchise.

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“A Sheriff awakens from a coma to find the world in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive,” reads the series synopsis.

With Andrew Lincoln having led the cast over nine seasons, stars like Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride and Danai Gurira also make an appearance.

Ending changed due to spin-offs

In a recent interview, showrunner Angela Kang revealed that plans for the original ending of The Walking Deda have been changed several times due to spin-offs (via ScreenRant).

According to her, the entire team knew when and how the spin-off series would happen, in addition to revealing that they planned the Rick and Michonne spin-off series a little later than the others.

“We knew the Daryl spinoff was going to essentially happen when we embarked on the season. Plans changed several times throughout the season, both for the spin-off and the series, just because it was such an awkward moment,” she said.

“The Maggie and Negan spin-off came about at some point during production on the season. The Rick and Michonne spin-off was a late addition,” added Kang. “The way the spinoffs interacted with our storytelling is that we knew which characters live on, and we’re going to try to close a chapter of their story here, but we have to leave a door open for the next story to come.”

There are three new spinoff series in development, one featuring Daryl Dixon, the other about Maggie and Negan, and the last about Rick and Michonne.

Kang revealed that he always had a better idea to develop the series about Maggie and Negan, two characters who hated each other, and now need to help each other.

“For Maggie and Negan, I always had a very clear idea of ​​where this could go. The stories were moving forward, when some of them were taking shape “, commented the showrunner.

While AMC hasn’t revealed much, the upcoming spinoff series will focus on the franchise’s main characters.

Daryl will head to France in search of a possible cure, while The Walking Dead: Dead City will see Maggie and Negan head to New York. In turn, Michonne will look for Rick in the spin-off between the two characters.

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