Why don’t England and Wales play like the UK in the World Cup? – 11/29/2022

England and Wales went head-to-head in a decisive World Cup clash. And a question that remains in the air is why don’t countries play together like the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is a political union made up of the nations of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Great Britain is an island where England, Scotland and Wales are located, that is, one is a country composed of the four nations, and the other is the territory where they are located.

Before FIFA existed, in the 19th century, England and Scotland were already two great powers and rivals in football. The two countries, as well as all the others that make up Great Britain, have always had their own national team and, therefore, Queen Elizabeth II decided to maintain the tradition of the teams, letting them compete separately in the World Cup.

The scenario is different when it comes to the Olympic Games. The royals decided that, by etiquette, everyone who was part of territories that were associated with the British crown would have to compete as Great Britain (GBR), known as Team GB.

Olympic athletes can be from different parts of the United Kingdom and not necessarily from countries in Great Britain, as in the case of Northern Ireland and the Isles of Man and Channel, which are located in the United Kingdom and have no connection with the GBR .

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