Woman loses iPhone at sea and rescues it still working after 460 days

According to Clare Atfield, 39, the back of the device was broken, but it still worked.
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According to Clare Atfield, 39, the back of the device was broken, but it still worked.

One british
managed to recover, still in operation, its iphone
which was lost
460 days ago sea
🇧🇷 The cell phone disappeared on a beach in the US state of New Hampshire while Clare Atfield, 39, was paddling in the ocean. She fell off the board and never saw the device again.

According to the newspaper new york post
, Clare was able to retrieve her iPhone after a dog walker made contact with her. He said he found the iPhone in a region close to where she had lost her cell phone, on August 4, 2021.

The man was able to identify the owner of the device thanks to a credit card from Clare and another health card from her mother. They were left next to the device inside the protective cover and, amazingly, they were legible.

As she took the iPhone in her hands again, Clare noticed that the back of the phone was broken. Even so, the device still worked. She believes this was possible thanks to the protective cover, which isolated the device from salt water. Salt can corrode the inside of an iPhone.

“It’s crazy that he was able to find him,” Clare told the new york post
🇧🇷 “The gentleman who found it and I were shocked that it still works.”

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