World’s oldest living cat is confirmed by Guinness

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Guinness World Records officially awarded the title to the feline that was born in 1995 and is still alive today. Flossie, born in Great Britain, set a new record for oldest cat in the world still alive. She has had several owners throughout her life, but currently lives in South East London. Her new owners say she is in good health despite her advanced age.

Oldest cat currently alive

Guinness World Records and the charity Cats Protection have confirmed that Flossie is the oldest living cat in the world. Flossie was given to charity at the age of 26 when her owner could no longer care for her.

Naomi Rosling, coordinator of the Kent branch of Cats Protection, reports that everyone was shocked when the veterinary records showed that Flossie was approaching her 27th birthday. She was the oldest cat they had ever seen, at least 120 years old in human age.


Where does the cat reside today?

Thankfully, the charity has found the cat a new home where she will be well cared for. Flossie has been assigned to the home of her new caretaker Vicky Green, an experienced person with older cats who lives in south east London.

Green comments that Flossie the cat is already deaf and visually impaired, but is still very playful and affectionate. In addition, her appetite is also excellent. Her owner, Green, is also the same age as Flossie, who turns 27 in a few weeks.

World’s oldest cat record

The truth is that the record for the oldest cat in the world ever recorded goes to Creme Puff, but today he is no longer alive. This record-breaking cat lived 38 years and three days in Austin, Texas. Can Flossie pass that margin and break this record yet? For this, she needs to live at least a little more than 10 years.

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