Xbox may gain an achievement system with medals

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Look how amazing!

According to a report from the Windows Central website, the Xbox could gain a achievements with medals🇧🇷

According to the website, a competition Hackathon was carried out internally at Microsoft, with the main theme of creating a new achievements system for xbox🇧🇷 During the competition, several concepts for the new achievement system, something that had already been confirmed, one specific won and could be the new system: the medals.

The new medal system should “work hand in hand” with the current medal system. gamerscorehowever, they must be aextra incentive” for players to hunt achievements. The system will be extremely similar to the PlayStation achievement system, which works with bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies.

However, the site assured that the final product can be changed if the concept is accepted by Microsoft, or even if it does not pass internal tests and be discarded🇧🇷 So, what did you think of the concept? Tell us in the comments!

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