″This world and this moment are so full of idiocy and nonsense…″

Duarte Tornesi

Statements by Carlos Queiroz, coach of Iran, after the defeat with the United States (1-0) in the third round of Group B of the World Cup in Qatar

Swing: “I am very proud and honored to have once again managed the Iran national team and these fantastic players. I have already said that in my entire career I have coached in many places, from China to the United States of America, and that I have never seen players in my life who gave so much and received so little. They all deserve my respect and admiration. The second part of the question led me to many other considerations. This world and this moment we live in is so full of idiocy and foolishness… anything goes. Anyone based on any information or anonymous source writes a nonsense that turns out to be true. It’s the world we live in today, but it’s still regrettable. There were immense stories and pressures that players they received it anyway, but what I have to say is that thanks to work, unity and explanations, the players went back to their roots and realized who their friends are and who they play for. and honor plow the country jersey. 🇧🇷

Players response: “The Iranian players have made a lot of sacrifices and a tremendous effort. They don’t have the same working conditions that the others usually have for reasons they know better than I do. Sometimes they can’t even buy boots. But when I work every day and I see a dedication and commitment to grow, to be great and to show the world football and the passion of Iran, I feel very proud.”

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