agent goes to Qatar and hears ‘no’ from Rodrygo for tickets

Rodrygo and his father, Eric Goes, denied tickets for the match between Brazil and Switzerland yesterday (28), at Estádio 974, to businessman Nick Arcuri in Qatar. After 10 years of partnership with “Un1que Football”, they are in litigation. Each athlete on the Brazilian national team is entitled to up to 20 tickets to matches for the 2022 World Cup.

O UOL Sport found out that Rodrygo had tickets available, but refused to offer them to the agent, who went to Qatar accompanied by his son. Nick Arcuri, then, got two entries through a member of the CBF technical commission.

Nick lived the expectation of putting hot cloths in the fight on this trip to Qatar, but the relationship is still shaken. Rodrygo and his father blocked the businessmen on social media and are willing to go to court to breach the contract.

understand the case

The origin of the dispute was a disagreement between father and agent about the management of the Real Madrid (ESP) striker’s image. Eric wished he had given his son more publicity, commercial actions and interviews in the months leading up to the World Cup. He even started working with Joel Jota, a high-performance coach and former coordinator of Instituto Neymar Jr.

Nick Arcuri, meanwhile, insisted on keeping a low profile of the athlete, mainly because of a litigation involving the unexpected paternity of twins. There are disagreements over the payment of a pension to his mother Pamella Cristina Costa Souza, and the issue has affected the player’s image.

Un1que claims to have the athlete’s representation contract for another three years and classifies the situation as a “normal fight in long relationships”. Breaking the contract would cost Rodrygo around 7 million euros (R$ 38 million).

People from Un1que who lived with Rodrygo and Eric understand that they “let themselves go”. At first, the idea was to give greater visibility before Tite’s call-up. Now the aim would be to have more minutes in the World Cup and earn more money from trading actions. Un1que disagrees with the family about this strategy.

Eric has been meeting with great businessmen from the soccer world. At the end of September, he had dinner with Neymar Pai and Ulisses Jorge, Éder Militão’s agent. Neymar Pai is aware of the possibility of taking Rodrygo to NR Sports, a company created to manage Neymar’s image.

The turbulence between Rodrygo and Un1que became news in the business market and mobilized some of the biggest agents in Brazil. Over the last few years, Rodrygo and Un1que were sought out for partnerships with other agents, but never accepted.

Looking for more sponsors, Rodrygo, sportingly, is resolved. The contract with Real Madrid was renewed until 2028 and the termination fine is 1 billion euros (R$ 5.5 billion). Un1que claims to have conducted the negotiation with Real. Rodrygo’s family only emphasizes that they no longer have a manager.

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