Amanda Seyfried lost dream character to Ariana Grande

Amanda Seyfried commented on how the recording schedule prevented her from auditioning for the film adaptation of Wicked

Amanda Seyfried is in the best moment of his career, but even so, he had to give up some plans and desires he had in mind.

Even after competing oscar in Best Supporting Actress per Mank (2020) and be nominated to the emmy for the first time for his work on the miniseries The Dropout: The Story of a Fraud (2022), the actress revealed that she lost the character of her dreams to Ariana Grande🇧🇷

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Seyfried revealed his willingness to perform glindathe good witch of the North, in the adaptation of the musical Wicked in an interview with the website Backstage🇧🇷 The film adaptation of one of the most popular shows on Broadway will star the singer, alongside Cynthia Erivo🇧🇷

In addition to The miserablethe actress starred in two musical films by Mamma Mia!released in 2008 and 2018. The desire to bring Glinda to life was so great that Seyfried reconciled the arduous audition process with the recording of the miniseries, which she considers the most difficult character of her career.

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“I sometimes dream that I’m still auditioning for Wicked. Last summer while I was interpreting elizabeth [Holmes, a protagonista de The Dropout]on weekends I auditioned to play Glinda in the movie Wicked🇧🇷 I wanted the role so badly that I thought, ‘You know what? Yeah, I’ll give my Sundays to that,'” recalled the actress.

“I think the process showed me how much I’ve improved as a singer, which was something I wanted to prove. Since The miserable [2012], I thought: ‘I need to improve, I need to make an effort’. So when the next musical comes around, I’ll finally be ready.”

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The adaptation of Wicked for the cinema will be directed by Jon M Chu🇧🇷 The project will be divided into two productions: the first is scheduled for release at Christmas 2024, and the second will hit theaters exactly one year later.

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