Andor | The main events leading up to the season finale

The penultimate episode of Andor, the new Disney+ Original Series from Lucasfilm, is now available exclusively on the platform. The production takes place before the events of the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016) and explores a new perspective of the Star Wars galaxy, focusing on the journey of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), in addition to following the growth of the alliance rebel across the universe, introduce new characters and delve into previously known ones.

To get in the mood for the season finale, which premieres next Wednesday (23), remember some of the main events of the series so far:

  1. Cassian Andor’s past

Episode 1 – Kassa

at the beginning of Andor it is shown that Cassian Andor comes from a distant planet, where he lived with his sister in a forest tribe. When the place is discovered, he is taken and adopted, as a boy, by Maarva (Fiona Shaw) and goes to live with her on the planet Ferrix. As an adult, Andor searches intensely about his past. This obsession takes him to decadent places and a meeting with the authorities along with wrong decisions make him a wanted criminal. With that, he hides in Ferrix, bringing his problems home.

  1. The buyer

Episode 2 – I Think It Was Me

Cassian Andor struggles to sort out his affairs with friends and family in Ferrix, and finds a buyer for some of the items he stole from the empire. Meanwhile, tactical forces led by an agent obsessed with preserving law and order close in on him.

  1. the empire approaches

Episode 3 – Reckoning

The rope tightens as tactical troops close in on their target: the fugitive Cassian Andor. Desperate to escape arrest, Cassian makes contact with the buyer and realizes the man knows a lot more than he realized.

  1. Cassian Andor meets the Rebellion

Episode 4 – Aldhani

With no way to return home, Cassian joins a mission to infiltrate an Imperial garrison in Aldhani with the promise that he will strike it rich. To carry out this mission, he finds a group of rebels who want to end the Empire.

  1. The rebel team plans the grand mission

Episode 5 – The Ax Forgets

Being a member of a team doesn’t come naturally to Cassian, but the daring mission to infiltrate an Imperial garrison demands it. The operation has been in the planning stage for months. As the mission’s newest member, he must overcome his teammates’ prudent distrust and demonstrate that he can be quite useful to the entire rebellion.

  1. An almost successful mission

Episode 6 – The Eye

Colorful ceremonies and a spectacular weather light show provide cover for Cassian Andor and the team to advance in their mission to infiltrate the heavily fortified Imperial garrison. Despite stealing a fortune, the team has some casualties.

  1. Return home

Episode 7 – An Announcement

The fallout from the assault on Aldhani is swift and seismic, stirring up the Imperial Security Bureau on Coruscant and sparking further intrigue for Senator Mon Mothma. Meanwhile, Cassian Andor returns home to find Ferrix very different.

  1. The prison

Episode 8 – Narkina 5

After saying goodbye to Ferrix and his mother, Cassian Andor goes to another planet to live in peace with his fortune. Living under a different identity, he is caught after a deception by Empire officials and ends up being sent to a maximum security prison with forced labor.

  1. The reality

Episode 9 – Nobody’s Listening

Living under the same routine on a daily basis, Cassian Andor and the other prisoners accept the forced labor they are subjected to. But after an unexpected death, they realize they may never get out of that prison.

  1. the rebellion begins

Episode 10 – Only One Way Out

The prisoners already know that they can never leave the prison and they start a rebellion against the agents there. A rare opportunity presents itself, and the time for Cassian and his allies to act is now. What will come ahead? Will they, in fact, be able to escape? We can only wait for the last episode to find out how this season will end.

THE season finale in Andor premieres November 23, exclusively on Disney+.

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