Band gets excited about the end of Globo’s exclusivity and grows its eye on the 2026 World Cup · TV news

Band is the first open TV channel to show interest in the rights to the 2026 World Cup, which will take place in Mexico, the United States and Canada. When negotiating the renewal with Fifa (Federação Internacional de Futebol) last week, Globo gave up exclusivity, which left the competition with their ears pricked.

The Morumbi broadcaster dreams of resuming coverage of a World Cup after a 12-year hiatus, since its last transmission was in the Brazilian edition of the World Cup, in 2014. For this, Band wants to know the value of the negotiation and the conditions of payment to enable the financial transaction.

As found out by TV news🇧🇷 the company will consult on values ​​for the maximum football entity right after the end of the World Cup in Qatar, next month. If the prices are interesting and the operation viable, Band is interested in buying the rights.

This year, the broadcaster consulted Globo to sublicense the Qatar Cup and show it on BandSports, its pay-TV sports channel. However, after having lost last year’s Club World Cup and Formula 1 to the competitor, the audience leader preferred not to make the negotiation.

Globo renewed its contract with Fifa until 2026 and secured the rights to broadcast the next World Cup, but gave up the exclusivity of the championship in all media – open TV, pay TV and digital media. With the new deal, the station saves millions of dollars.

On the internet, Globo had already ceased to have exclusivity last year, which allowed streamer Casimiro Miguel to broadcast the matches of the Qatar Cup. On open TV, Globo reigned with the Cup in recent years, but leaves the way clear for competition from the next edition.

The new contract with FIFA is similar to the one Globo has with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for the Olympic Games. The bond is long, until 2032, for rights in Brazil, but there is no exclusivity on open TV either.

Band aired the 2010 and 2014 World Cups in partnership with Globo, and even made the 2016 Euro Cup and the 2017 Confederations Cup. the group passing by made the operation unfeasible.

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