Batman 2 Fan Art Imagines Wayne Tower Burning Down by a Mysterious Villain

New fan art for The Batman 2 imagines Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader in a burning Wayne Tower after the building was set ablaze by a mysterious villain.

An impressive piece of The Batman 2 fan art imagines Gotham City’s Wayne Tower being set on fire by a mysterious villain. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman presented Robert Pattinson’s version of the Caped Crusader, which turned out to be a critical and public success. The new film sees Batman take on Paul Dano’s Riddler and also features several other iconic characters from the franchise, including Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), Penguin (Colin Farrell) and Alfred (Andy Serkis). The Batman 2 was announced shortly after the success of the first film, with Reeves returning as writer and director and Pattinson returning as Bruce Wayne, but few other details about the sequel are known.

While Reeves’ next film is likely to be a few years away, a new play by The Batman 2 fan art by artist Jaxson Derr (@jaxsonderr) on Instagram imagines that the destruction of Wayne Tower could play a role in the sequel. The artwork shows Pattinson’s Batman walking through Wayne Tower as it burns to the ground around him with an unnamed villain writing “Where is Mr. Wayne?” on the wall. Check out Derr’s stunning fan art below:

Who could be the villain of The Batman 2

Close-up of Barry Keoghan's eyes as the Joker in The Batman.

After the chilling depiction of Riddler’s Damage in The Batman, fan expectations are high as to who Pattinson’s hero will face next. The first film features a brief tease of the Joker, and a deleted scene released later further reveals Barry Keoghan’s disturbing new take on the iconic villain. It is certainly possible that The Batman 2 will feature Keoghan’s Joker in a much more prominent role, perhaps after he escapes prison, but there are a number of other iconic characters as well. bat Man villains that could be used in their place. Mr. Freeze was not featured in a bat Man film since 1997 maligned batman and robin and the character certainly seems long overdue for another more grounded adaptation, potentially making him a solid pick for Reeves’ sequel.

If Reeves chooses not to go with Joker or Mr. Freeze, however, there are several characters from the comics that would also be appealing. bat Man villains. The Scarecrow was disturbingly brought to life in Christopher Nolan’s film. batman begins, but the character would no doubt feel even more at home in Reeves’ more downtrodden and dirtier version of Gotham City. Of course, many fans also believe that The Batman is preparing the arrival of Hush, a villain who used to be Wayne’s childhood friend before becoming his archenemy. As Dano has already expressed interest, The Court of Owls, a secret villainous group of Gotham’s wealthy citizens, could also make an interesting antagonist in The Batman 2🇧🇷

There’s a wealth of source material to pull from when it comes to the Batman 2, and it’s possible that Reeves will choose a villain who has never appeared on screen before. The writer and director could also choose to introduce multiple villains at the same time, thus making the odds against Pattinson’s Batman even greater. Unfortunately, as Reeves is still working on The Batman 2script, it will likely be a long time before any concrete information about the film’s plot is released.

Source: Jaxson Derr (@jaxsonderr)

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