Benzema ‘miraculously’ recovered and ready to return to the World Cup? France coach is direct about possibility

Spanish radio reported that Benzema would be recovered from injury, but Deschamps did not confirm

After Spanish radio Cero wave say, last Monday (29), that striker Karim Benzema would be “practically recovered” gives thigh injury that saw him out of the World Cupand who would still be able to be reintegrated into the France at the World Cup, the coach of blues🇧🇷 Didier Deschampsspoke on the subject this Tuesday (29).

In a press conference prior to the match against Tunisiafor the 3rd round of group D, the commander denied the situation and stated that he is not even thinking about the topic at the moment.

Deschamps stressed that he often communicates with athletes who are injured to find out how they are doing, but that there is nothing about a possible return of Benzema to Qatar.

“This (Benzema return) is not something I’m thinking about at the moment. You (journalist) know what the situation is. Of course I spoke to Karim after he left (from Doha). And you know his situation and the time it will take for him to recover”, said the coach – the striker had an injury to the quadriceps in his left thigh and would need a month to get back in shape.

“I don’t know where you’re going with that kind of question, I don’t know what you’re implying… I take care of my 24 players, I’m happy with them”, he continued.

“We’re without (defender) Kimpembe and (midfielder) Pobga here too. Of course I speak to them. If you want to speculate and imagine scenarios, I’ll leave that to you. But I won’t comment on things I’m not focused on in the moment,” he added.

Benzema, by the way, is not even close to Qatar.

This Tuesday (29), he landed on the island of Réunion, a French overseas territory close to Madagascar, in Africa, to stay in a resort luxurious.

France, in turn, will play this Wednesday (30), at 12h (Brasília time), against Tunisia. You blues already qualified for the round of 16.

Benzema makes enigmatic post

On social networks after the French coach’s statement, the striker published two photos in stories that left the flea behind the ear of the French and of those who follow football.

In the first image, the gunner posted disembarking on Réunion Island, France, for a vacation. In the photo, the caption contained ‘974’, which is the telephone code for Qatar and the name of one of the stadiums.

Then a photo of ronaldo Phenomenon it also caused ‘strangeness’ due to a possible indirect to Deschamps, since, in 2002, as well as Benzema in the current Cup, the Brazilian striker recovered from injury in time to play in the tournament.

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