BIG SURPRISE for those who have the Nubank card

Since last year, the Nubank offers its customers who did not get an approved limit, usually because they are negative, the option Build Limit🇧🇷 It is a card in which the user deposits a certain amount in the digital account to transform it into a limit. To date, the feature has served more than 5 million people.

Nubank Build Limit function

The feature that makes it possible to “build limit” was launched in February 2021. It is intended for users who want to apply for the card or for those who want to increase their limit. However, to access the function, you must make a deposit to use it as “prepaid” credit.

For example: A customer has a credit of BRL 200 on the card, but needs BRL 700 to make a purchase. For the function, he needs to make a deposit of R$ 500 to release the use of the desired limit. Thus, once the acquisition is made, the amount used will be unavailable.

In this way, after making the payment of the invoice, the limit will be released immediately. Functionality is a great way to build a relationship with the Nubanksince resources offered by the institution are being used.

How to build limit in fintech?

To start building the Nubank limit, simply access the application and follow the instructions below:

  1. Access the Nubank application;
  2. In the Credit Card area, click on “Adjust limit”;
  3. Then click on “Book as a limit”;
  4. Read the information and continue;
  5. Indicate the amount you want to transfer from your account to your credit card;
  6. Read the terms and conditions and confirm;
  7. Enter your card’s 4-digit password;
  8. Ready! In a few moments you will be able to use your new limit.

According to fintech, more than half of customers who use the tool correctly manage to increase their limit in just one month. So, if you’re negative, don’t miss this opportunity to get a credit card with no annual fee.

Card Limit

Your credit card limit Nubank is determined according to the evaluation of the digital bank’s algorithm, which is constantly fed with new information.

“We are always looking for more market data to help us make better decisions for the profile of each client – ​​and, frequently, we carry out new analyzes on our base to give proactive limits increases, for example”, says the bank.

Thus, from the moment someone is approved to have the Nubank card, an expenditure projection is carried out, with risk analysis, applicant profile, financial history, score, among others.

“This process is done by an algorithm – an automated system that analyzes all this data and sets an initial threshold.”

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