Bolsonaro family: controversy! Carlos ‘steals’ Michelle’s place in her father’s room and is accused of shading Eduardo

Tensions seem to flare in the Bolsonaro clan after the president’s third son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, was spotted in Qatar at a Brazilian national team game, while supporters of the father continue to protest against the legitimate result of the presidential election. On his official Telegram channel, Carlos Bolsonaro sent a message about the support he has given his father that seemed more like a hint to his brother who is enjoying the World Cup.

“I was with my father these last two days. We even slept in the same room, or rather, we didn’t sleep. And I say that I know how to interpret a large part of his behavior. Obligation of son and friend. I’ll always be here,” Carlos wrote.

According to columnist Ricardo Noblat, from Metrópoles, Jair Bolsonaro left his wife, Michelle, sleeping alone to enjoy the company of their son🇧🇷 “Michelle slept alone for two days. She can’t stand Carlos – nor he her. Carlos is the son who most inspires Bolsonaro’s care”, said the journalist.


According to Ricardo Noblat, Michelle allegedly took a “snap” from Carlos after Jair’s defeat in the presidential elections🇧🇷 Still according to the publication, the president sided with his son. The first lady would not have forgiven and the situation “left marks on her soul”.

Another situation marked Michelle’s troubled relationship with her stepson hours after the election results: the unfollow of Jair Bolsonaro’s profile on his wife’s Instagram. According to columnist Guilherme Amado, from Metrópoles, it was Carlos who unfollowed his stepmother through his father’s profile. Also according to the publication, the first lady complained to her husband, but the president “washed his hands”, which led her to do the same thing.

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