Brazilian team’s break at the Cup has gold-plated meats, frustrated ‘bate-volta’ and Ronaldo Fenômeno

Qualified for the round of 16 of the World Cup, the Brazilian team won a day off on Tuesday night, with players free to leave the hotel

THE Brazilian Team had a different night this Tuesday (29), with the players free to leave the Westin Doha Hotel, where they are concentrated in the world Cup from Qatar for the first time. Everyone who opted out had to re-appear by 2:00 am local time.

players like Thiago Silva, Casemiro and Lucas Paquetá, for example, chose to stay at the hotel and were visited by their families to dinner. This was also the case for the technical commission.

Among those who took the opportunity to get to know other places in Qatar, the programs were diverse, most involving dinners. Gabriel Jesus took the opportunity to join Ronaldo Fenômeno. “Did you get some advice for the game against Cameroon?” joked the official account of “Ronaldo TV”.

Defense duo that can be a starter in the last game of the first phase, since Thiago Silva and Marquinhos should be rested, Éder Militão and Bremer went to the same restaurant, the “Nusr-Et” steakhouse owned by the famous chef known as “Salt Bae”.🇧🇷 The two had the opportunity to taste one of the restaurant gold-plated meats and watch the show at the table of the Turkish professional – the defender of Real Madrideven risked throwing salt in the style of the “popstar” in the kitchen.

Another defender of the selection, Marquinhos took the opportunity to go to the house that his family rented on the island “The Pearl” to also meet his wife and children – who are in a hotel in Doha.

Everton Ribeiro also went to a steakhouse with a “show” at the table, accompanied by his wife and family. already the midfielder Fred visited an Asian cuisine restaurant in Vila Cultura Katarawhich is one of the tourist attractions in Doha, with his wife and other family members.

But maybe no one has had one. break as unusual as goalkeeper Ederson🇧🇷 It’s just that his wife ended up misunderstanding the player’s message and believed that the player was released until “two o’clock tomorrow”, which would be this Wednesday (30), and not 2 am.

The bigger problem is that Lais Moraes is staying in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and is traveling to Doha for the games – the flight takes less than an hour, and it was the same option made by Neymar’s father during the World Cup, for example. Ederson’s wife shared the account of the frustrated “hitback” in a humorous way on social networks.

“Guys, you don’t understand what happened here. Ederson sent me a message today, in the afternoon, saying: ‘Love, see if there isn’t a last-minute flight for you to come here, because I’m going to have time off until two in the morning’. I was all euphoric, ‘oh how cool’, I started looking for a flight🇧🇷 I found a flight, and I even fought with him, because he said: ‘But you’re not going to stay long’, because I was going to arrive at 11 pm. ‘Wow, you keep putting obstacles in your way, it seems you don’t want me to go’. And he, ‘no, love, then come’. I was already all excited, what clothes am I going with?”, She said.

“I’m going to wake up early, have coffee with him, let’s go to the pool. I packed and came. I arrived all excited, booked a really nice hotel. I arrived excited. ‘Let’s go for a walk, love’. it’s almost midnight’. ‘Let’s go, check out the hotel, see if there’s anything going on, let’s go for a walk’. And he’s all like, ‘You’re crazy’. And I: ‘And tomorrow, what are we going to do?’ And he: ‘What tomorrow, love? The break is until two in the morning’. And I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ And he was like, ‘I told you so,’ and I was like, ‘No, two in the morning, not two in the morning.’🇧🇷

Ederson left the hotel where he met his wife at around 1 am to be able to show up again until 2 am, while Lais, who had a flight back to Dubai only for Wednesday afternoon, went straight to the airport to try to anticipate the ticket – she managed, but going first to Abu Dhabi and then completing the road trip in the United Arab Emirates. “Just myself and my ADHD. But, thank God, everything is working out. Just to emphasize one thing: every moment with my love is worth it”she ended.

For coach Tite and Matheus Bachi, at the national team’s hotel, saying goodbye to the children was not easy. The auxiliary’s children asked their father to return home with them, and Leonardo, one of Matheus’ sons, arrived crying as he hugged his grandfather, who said a prayer in his grandson’s ear.

After rest, the Brazil resumes work this Wednesday, at 5 pm (in Qatar time, 11 am in Brasilia), in the penultimate activity before the game against CameroonFriday, at 1pm (Brasília time).



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