Chadwick Boseman Would Be 46 Today! We Ranked the ‘Black Panther’ Star’s Top 10 Films (Non-Marvel)

Today, the charismatic Chadwick Boseman would be 46 years old. The actor, who had the potential to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, left us too soon, a victim of cancer, aged 43 on August 28, 2020. In fact, Boseman has become one of the most famous names in cinema worldwide when he was chosen to live a character of tremendous representative importance for the Marvel cinematographic universe and for the seventh art in general – as well as popular culture as a whole. Not even the most accurate evaluators could measure the importance and magnitude that Black Panther, a 2018 overproduction, would have in the world. Within Marvel’s pantheon of excellence, Black Panther echoed a unique voice and became a pillar of black representation.

Chadwick Boseman he had already appeared in the character’s skin and gained prominence as a supporting actor in Captain America – Civil War, in 2016. His dramatic arc in this film is central to the plot’s narrative. However, two years later, the actor and the character would win a solo film and it was this production that would elevate this mythology to a new level – a level not reached even by its long-awaited sequel, Black Panther – Wakanda Forever (currently in theaters in the United States). cinemas) – and much of that due to the absence of both Chadwick Boseman and King T’Challa himself – his character in this universe. The actor would still appear in the role in two more Marvel blockbusters: Avengers – Infinity War (2018) and Avengers – Endgame (2019), in addition to having as his last job the voice in the dubbing of the animated series What If…?, from Marvel itself.

In 2022 we completed two years without the actor’s talent – ​​think about how many significant works he could have given us in this time. But life is like that, full of challenges, twists, but also a lot of beauty and good memories. After all, we will always have his films to remember, even if there weren’t that many – in a total of less than 15 features – in addition to some series. And in this article, with the purpose of paying homage to the actor, we will rightly rank all his films. To make it more interesting, and present the lesser-known productions of the actor, we will leave aside the very famous Marvel films mentioned, in which Boseman lived the hero Black Panther. In this way, fans will have the opportunity to know what else he has done. There are ten films. Check it out below.

As it is a blockbuster, this first item on the list should be familiar to most of the public. Perhaps the film works more like a guilty pleasure, but the intention was to create a new successful superproduction, at the level of the Clash of the Titans films – replacing the Gods of Greek mythology with the Gods of Egyptian mythology (mentioned in the title). Directed by Alex Proyas (O Corvo), the film has a great cast and has everything to resurface as a cult in a few years. Just wait. In history, Chadwick Boseman shines like the god of wisdom Thoth. Available on HBO Max.

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This was the first film for Chadwick Boseman, who at the time did not expect to be cast by Marvel in the role of a lifetime. With all the airs of a B production or a telefilm from the past, the modest budget feature features the actor in the role of an Iraq war veteran, who needs to hunt down a colleague from that time and thus exorcise war crimes that both experienced. Despite the poor technical quality and cliché script, Boseman displays the usual talent in his performance.

In the same year that he participated in the blockbuster Gods of Egypt and appeared for the first time as the Black Panther in Civil War, Chadwick Boseman also starred in his own vehicle on Netflix, with the right to a supporting cast of names like Alfred Molina, Luke Evans and Teresa Palmer. Violent revenge thriller, Boseman plays a South African guy who arrives in Los Angeles looking for his missing sister. Soon, he will be on the tail of those responsible for her disappearance and possible murder. Available on Netflix.

Here, in this efficient crime thriller, Chadwick Boseman had already been the Black Panther four times on screen for Marvel – and he was already a well-known star. Precisely because of this, this thriller attracted the attention of film buffs and fans more than his previous projects. Here, the actor reigns supreme in the skin of a police officer on a very special mission and one of the most difficult cases of his career: hunting down police killers, even if that means closing the 21 bridges in New York City and starting a meticulous search. The supporting cast has names like JK Simmons, Sienna Miller and Taylor Kitsch, and the production is by the Russo brothers – the same ones responsible for the Avengers films that the actor was part of. Boseman is also producing the film. Available on Amazon Prime Video / HBO Max.

Here, we have another slightly smaller participation by Chadwick Boseman, serving as a supporting cast, but stealing every scene in which he appears. This was one of the actor’s first major works. In charge of the show is veteran Kevin Costner, in the role of an experienced scout who selects rookie players coming out of universities for the NFL, the national football league. Directed by the late Ivan Reitman – delivering one of the most serious films of his career. Boseman plays a down-and-out player trying to get back on his feet. Available on Star+.

05 | Get On Up – The James Brown Story (2014)

The young Chadwick Boseman’s short career would also be marked by his strong interpretations of historical and emblematic figures of North American black culture. And in the same year of his minor participation in the item above, the actor assumed great responsibility for living on screen one of the most iconic and important black artists of all time: the musician James Brown in his own biopic. The film also stars Oscar winners Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer; and many rooted for Oscar nominations – including the actor’s.

Another legendary and highly representative figure for American culture. This time, not an artist linked to entertainment, like the item above, but a lawyer responsible for many cases of social defense. More than that, having begun his career in the 1940s, at the end of the 1960s Thurgood Marshall was named the first black judge of the US Supreme Court. In the film, released between Boseman’s first appearance as the Black Panther and the hero’s first solo feature, the actor plays Marshall; and the cast also includes Kate Hudson and Sterling K. Brown. Available on Netflix.

This was Chadwick Boseman’s first film that really highlighted him as a future Hollywood star, showing all the power of his interpretation and, of course, getting the job at Marvel. It was all thanks to this sports drama. And not just any sports drama, but a highly representative one – closing a trio of black personalities who transcended in their areas of activity. We’ve had James Brown, Thurgood Marshall and now comes Jackie Robinson, the world’s first professional black sportsman. The player climbed overcoming all prejudice and racism to become a baseball star. A film about perseverance and the fight against evil. Boseman plays Robinson, so important to culture and society that in 1997 the number 42 on his uniform was retired so that no one else would wear it, and from 2004 Jackie Robinson Day was created, the date on which all baseball players in the US they use the number 42 to honor this legend. Available on HBO Max.

This film was released two months before the death of Chadwick Boseman, and became his penultimate film of his career – and the last one with the actor still alive. Boseman was unsuccessfully battling the cancer that afflicted him, but he remained strong as the warrior he was. In his final moments, he still managed to establish a partnership with one of the most important black directors of all time: Spike Lee – responsible for the emblematic Do the Right Thing (1989) and the recent success Infiltrated in the Klan (2018). In the plot, Boseman is part of a cast of renowned black actors, which includes Jonathan Majors, Delroy Lindo and Isiah Whitlock Jr., where four Vietnam War veterans return to the country decades after the conflict to find the remains of their squad leader and also a hidden treasure. Available on Netflix.

In the same year as the item above, Chadwick Boseman’s last official work on screen was also released, debuting posthumously after the star’s departure. Not for less, the film brings the best performance of his career in the opinion of members of the Academy of Cinema in the USA, after all it yielded the only Oscar nomination for the actor. Based on the play by August Wilson and produced by Denzel Washington, godfather of Boseman’s career, the narrative is very similar to a play and talks about the “mother” of the blues, an important forgotten black singer – ‘Ma’ Rainey, interpreted by the “monstrous” Viola Davis. In this dynamic, Boseman plays Levee, a tempestuous trumpeter who will be tested to his limits during an afternoon recording an album. Available on Netflix.

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