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See what are the main news in the catalog of the streaming platform

The month of December is coming and, with it, several incredible premieres of series, films and documentaries on Amazon Prime Video. With a catalog full of productions for all audiences, the streaming features news. Among them, there are those aimed at the comedy, romance and horror genres, perfect for marathoning.

Amazon Prime Video Releases for December

Amazon Prime Video Releases for December

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Among the most anticipated titles are the reality show “LOL: Se Rir, Já Era”, presented by comedian Tom Cavalcante and digital influencer Gkay, and “Something from Tiffany’s”, which debut in the comedy and romance categories. Other options are the film “Nanny” and the documentary “FC Barcelona: The New Era”. Below, check out more information about the releases.

1. LOL: If You Laugh It’s Gone (12/02)

LOL: If You Laugh, It's Gone

LOL: If You Laugh, It’s Gone

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Success in the first season, the program based on the Japanese series “Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental”, also produced by Amazon Prime, returns for the second season later this year. Oreality show brings together several comedians in a competition of unusual games with a single objective: to make the opponent laugh. As in the famous popular saying “he who laughs last laughs best”, in the competition, the last one to laugh wins the prize.

two. Something from Tiffany’s (09/12)

Something from Tiffany's

Something from Tiffany’s

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Directed by Daryl Wein and with a script by Tamara Chestna, the film based on the novel of the same name tells how a simple exchange of gifts can change a person’s life. While the couple Rachel (Zoey Deutch) and Gary (Ray Nicholson) live happily and in love, but without being ready to marry, Ethan (Kendrick Sampson) and Vanessa (Shay Mitchell), at the beginning of their relationship, dream of uniting alliances.

However, a box from Tiffany’s store can change the story of both and trigger a Serie of unexpected twists and turns. This will make the couples paths cross. After all, love, like life, is also a box of surprises to be explored.

3. Nanny (12/16)



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The film tells the story of Aisha (Anna Diop), an immigrant from Senegal who lives in the United States illegally. Working as a nanny for a wealthy couple in the country, Aisha soon wins over the family. However, she does not get out of her mind the dream of bringing the son she left behind in Senegal. However, the closer the arrival of the boy gets, the more the nanny is tormented by a supernatural presence, which seems to coexist in her dreams and in real life.

4. FC Barcelona: The New Era (28/12)

FC Barcelona: The New Era

FC Barcelona: The New Era

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Produced by Barça Studios, the documentary series (with 5 episodes) tells the story of the last years of one of the greatest teams in football of the world. From the point of view of the team itself, the production reveals details of the changes that took place at the club, from the institutional renovation to the arrival of Joan Laporta’s new sports department. The story promises to cross the stands and put the public inside the most intimate matters of the team that embraced Neymar in 2013.

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