Drew Barrymore found peace after quitting drinking

Drew Barrymore opened up about the difficult time when she was drinking too much. In candid conversation in her magazine “DREW”, the 47-year-old actress and presenter confesses that she became “free from the torture of guilt and dysfunction” after giving up alcohol.

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Barrymore described his decision to stop drinking as “one of the most liberating things in his life’s journey”.

“One of the bravest things you can do is slay those dragons and finally change a terrible cycle you’ve found yourself trapped in. For me, it was quitting drinking,” he explains, admitting that his life ‘was transformed’ after that momentous decision.

“During the holidays, when we spend so much energy trying to achieve the perfect image standards set by the ‘Norman Rockwells’ [pintor e ilustrador que mostrava seu reflexo da cultura estadunidense] in the world, I would like you to try to remember to give yourself a hug, so to speak – and I will try too… Take a moment, breathe and give yourself a squeeze. We’re all just doing our best here. And that in itself is something to celebrate.”, he justified in his emotional speech.

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The first time Drew spoke about his alcohol problem was in a TV interview last year, when he said he hadn’t had a drink in over two years:

“I’m going to say something for the first time in a long time – I haven’t had alcohol in two and a half years. It was something I realized that doesn’t serve me and my life (…) I’m on a peaceful and confident journey now”, he said, stating that he finally saw ‘peace being achieved where there were only demons’.

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Drew Barrymore revealed a fact that happened in childhood and adolescence that may have shocked.

The American actress said, on the podcast “Drew’s News”, that her mother controlled her in relation to eating sweets in her childhood. But she ignored the consumption of marijuana and alcohol.

“I knew I would find that kid huffing sugar. I knew it. Beware the kid who tells you his parents don’t let him eat candy. Keep an eye on that kid,” joked Barrymore.

And he added: “My mother wouldn’t let me eat candy. Studio 54 [antiga discoteca de Nova York]marijuana and alcohol, fine, but don’t touch that candy”, joked the actress, who hid sweets in her closet to enjoy it in secret.

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Drew Barrymore recently revealed that he will ‘never lie’ to his daughters about his troubled past. The 46-year-old actress has always been honest about her struggle with drugs and alcohol after becoming famous as a child when she starred in the 1982 film ET.

And Drew has insisted she will tell her daughters about her past experiences because she thinks it’s important to show them how she ‘grew up’.

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She explained: “I will never lie to my daughters, and I think that gives me ammunition to say, ‘This is who I am.’ I’ve gone through a lot to be classy, ​​to treat people kindly, to embrace who I really am and grow every day, these are life lessons I value… My 20 year old self, I ‘hug’ her, and my 46-year-old self is who I want to be now. I don’t regret it. I just love every minute that has led me to who I am today,” she states.

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