Edenilson’s business at Atlético-MG starts to heat up

Atlético-MG no longer hides its interest in having Edenilson. Rodrigo Caetano has always been an admirer of him and now with Coudet, the trend is for the business to move forward. In reality, it is certain that the deal will start, I cannot say that there will be an agreement, but it is certain that they will try.

That said, the information I have is that Galo doesn’t have money to put on the parade. Inter asks for at least two million dollars (R$ 10 million), but that will not happen. What the miners want is to make a trade. If Inter wants it too, there’s a deal.

The comparison I received is that “of course the Hulk will not come here”. The two clubs would have to find a player who is not playing so much there to create a situation that is good for both sides. Only by sitting at the same table and talking will this be resolved and this conversation has not yet happened. Even so, you can guarantee that the negotiation proposal exists on the part of Atlético. They no longer hide that they want the player.

An important point is that Edenilson is back from the vacation period he spent away from Porto Alegre. The midfielder went to Fernando de Noronha with his family and was unreachable. It sounds silly, but it’s not. After all, any business needs to go through it. There’s no way.

At this moment, with the approach of Galo, the player in Porto Alegre and the presentation date of the clubs getting closer and closer, things start to heat up.

At the age of 33, Edenilson has a contract until the end of 2024 at Inter and his monthly cost is around R$ 800 thousand.

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