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Eduardo Bolsonaro
The report heard the report of five people who saw Eduardo Bolsonaro in the VIP sector and observed his behavior (photo: TV playback)

Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), son of president Jair Bolsonaro, watched the match between Brazil and Switzerland, on Monday (28), for the World Cup, in the VIP sector of stadium 974 in Doha. The sector is for guests only and has a luxury buffet that includes ‘gourmet’ food and various alcoholic drinks. The group of friends of the parliamentarian drew the attention of those present for their animation and the consumption of drinks.

Eduardo’s trip has caused controversy in Brazil because supporters of his father are camped in front of barracks in order to reverse the result of the presidential election.

The report heard the report of five people who saw Eduardo Bolsonaro in the VIP sector and observed his behavior. The site can only be accessed by invitation, with no ticket sales. Most invited by FIFA or governments. The Brazilian embassy in Doha informed that it had not participated in the congressman’s trip to Qatar.

The information obtained by the report is that a Brazilian representative of Harley-Davidson in Qatar, close to Emir Tamin Bin Hama al-Thani, arranged the accesses for the deputy and his group.

The group that accompanied Eduardo Bolsonaro had a journalist from Jovem Pan accompanied by his girlfriend and the president of BNDES, Gustavo Montezano. He is a friend of the federal deputy, and sat next to him on the platform. Eduardo’s wife, Heloisa, was also present.

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The group was seen in the alcoholic drink queue in high spirits, with a loud and shouting behavior. Unlike the rest of the stadiums, FIFA’s VIP areas allow alcohol. At least two people present said that the president’s son’s group drew attention at the site for the high consumption of drinks. None of those present could say whether Eduardo had also consumed alcohol at the scene.

To the tribune, people who were with Eduardo Bolsonaro took large glasses full of wine. The group even spilled drinks on other guests who were in front, causing some discomfort.

On the buffet, there was pasta and meat. The menu also had dishes like grilled shrimp in a creamy paprika sauce and chocolate pie for dessert. One of those present described the quality of the food as ‘top chef level’.

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In addition to Bolsonaro, the President of the Federal Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and Senator Romrio (PL-RJ) were in the same VIP sector. They, however, were in separate groups. As a former player and world champion, Romrio even has the right to go to areas of the Legends stadium, where famous players from the Cup are.

The VIP space is for guests only, but FIFA negotiates Hospitality packages in another sector with similar luxury services through the company Match. The cost is around US$ 3,000 per game, depending on the stadium and the match.

After the match in Brazil, given the negative repercussions of his presence at the game, Bolsonaro published a video in which he said he went to Qatar to take pen drives with videos about Brazil.

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He later posted photos of the Iran-US game alongside Emir Tamin Bin Hama al-Thani and FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The two are in an even more exclusive sector, the VVIP, which can only be accessed by heads of state and high-ranking FIFA officials. On his social networks, Bolsonaro said: “Wherever I go, you can be sure that I bring truths about Brazil”.

Sought by the report through his parliamentary advisory, Eduardo did not comment until the article was published. If a placement is sent, it will be updated.

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