Eduardo Bolsonaro’s trip to Qatar did not generate costs for Congress

The Chamber of Deputies said that deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro’s (PL-SP) trip to Qatar is “private in nature” and did not generate costs for Congress. The son of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) was spotted by FIFA’s official broadcast in the stands of the Brazil game on Monday (28).

Eduardo was widely criticized by Bolsonarists and the opposition for enjoying the World Cup alongside his wife, Heloísa Bolsonaro, while inciting coup militants to protest across the country. The official agenda of the deputy informed that he had two commitments in Brasília on the morning of the 28th.

According to the Chamber, Eduardo Bolsonaro informed, on November 23, that he would be out of the country between November 23 and December 5. Brazil’s first game in the World Cup, against Serbia, took place on November 24th.

“On November 23, deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro informed the President of the Chamber of Deputies that he will be absent from the country between November 23 and December 5, when he will be on a private trip to the Middle East. House”, informed the Chamber of Deputies in a note.

After the criticism, a video of Eduardo began to circulate on social networks in which the deputy says that the trip to Qatar was for him to take videos on pen drives “explaining the situation in Brazil”. The politician did not give more details about what would be “the situation in Brazil” reported in these videos. The justification for the trip generated a series of memes.

Qatar is the target of allegations of violations of civil and human rights. Depending on the interpretation of the law, there are also windows for the repression of fundamental rights of people, especially women. The country’s choice to host the World Cup was the target of disapproval.

‘Pen drives’ with situation in Brazil

A video circulating on social networks shows Eduardo explaining his trip to Qatar during the World Cup. According to the parliamentarian, the trip took place to take videos, in English and inside pen drives, “explaining the situation in Brazil”.

Supporters of the president, who have held coup protests, including in front of army barracks, against the result of the elections since October 30, complained that the politician is “enjoying life”. Eduardo was spotted by streamer Casimiro Miguel’s live broadcast posing for photos with his wife.

These pen drives here have videos, in English, explaining the situation in Brazil. I hope you don’t believe that here in Qatar we only talk about the World Cup. Just to remind you that FIFA has more members than the United Nations. The entire press is here. That’s why the left is making so much effort and even a bill to criminalize those who speak some truths in the face, you know, other Brazilians who hope to return to the tits of the Rouanet Law and so on. Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP)

In the video, lasting 1:11, the deputy continues to attack the left after the victory of president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The politician did not give more details about what would be “the situation in Brazil” reported in these videos.

“And another thing, be careful. The left is not concerned about your safety or the economy. So why are you going to close ranks with these guys? Can’t you imagine a little bit of what’s behind this? Can’t you see the importance of international communication? Will we have to lose one of the very few accesses we have?”, he continued.

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