Epson announces it will no longer sell laser printers

the japanese company epson is famous for manufacturing printers. Among its products with the greatest impact are laser printers. Commercial impact and also environmental impact. Laser printers are the darlings of offices, largely because of the speed of printing.

However, Epson has announced that it will stop selling laser printers soon. The objective behind this is precisely to reduce the environmental impact of its products. Now the company will focus on printers that use ink tanks.

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Decreased environmental impact

The company’s decision was announced at a conference where it unveiled new office products. Epson recognizes that this change represents “a significant change in strategy” of brand. They said:

🇧🇷The launch coincides with the company’s decision to fully transition to inkjet and end its global sales and distribution of laser printers by 2026.🇧🇷

Obviously, a decision of this caliber was not taken overnight. Last year the Japanese company invested around 100 billion yen in sustainable innovation. In other words, studying ways to reduce the company’s environmental impact. They even tried to figure out ways to make laser printers more efficient, but to no avail. Due to this, the final decision was to abandon this market.

Less carbon dioxide and less waste

Looking at the environmental impact aspect, laser printers are actually worse. They consume a lot of energy when heating up for prints. Ink tank printers, on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly. In addition to not needing as much energy, they have the advantage of being rechargeable.

In 2019 Epson published an article where he explained the differences and advantages between the two technologies. The company said that the printers that use ink produce 85% less carbon dioxide than laser printers.

Another benefit is that theink tank printers generate less waste, since the user only needs to buy the inputs to fill the tank. Laser printers, on the other hand, require the user to purchase new toner on a regular basis.

🇧🇷In terms of waste generation, Epson inkjet printers come with fewer components that need to be replaced, making their operation more convenient as it only requires changing ink and waste ink box versus toner, drum, developer, fusers and more. components for laser models. This is no small detail, as – with up to 59% fewer spare parts compared to laser printers – it results in a significant reduction in the impact on the environment over the lifetime of a printer.🇧🇷

Really, it’s an absurd difference!

New line of printers from Epson

There is no doubt that ink tank printers are the best choice for home users. My brother, for example, acquired a Canon printer with an ink tank in April 2020. To date, he only needed to fill the tank once.

However, the situation changes a little when we talk about offices, especially those with many employees. The demand for prints is high and ink tank models are much slower. At this point, laser printers win hands down.

But Epson is already thinking about this audience. In the same event the company announced the line WorkForce Enterprise AM🇧🇷 These are ink tank printers that have a print speed of 40 to 60 sheets per minute.

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