falcons have a specialized market and even a hospital in Qatar

Animal is the most popular in the country of the Cup and can be traded for up to R$ 1.5 million

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The Falcon Souq Qatar is the specialized space to care for falcons

The Falcon Souq Qatar is the specialized space to care for falcons

Photo: Aline Küller/Terra

The old center of Doha is one of the main tourist attractions for people in Qatar to watch the World Cup. On one side, Souq Waqif brings together fans, music, restaurants and many typical shops. At the other end, the Falcon Souq Qatar is the specialized space for taking care of falcons, a national passion.

It is possible to identify the region destined for the birds by the sound warning promoted by the animals. It was this noise that made the report sure that it was in the right direction. The strong smell of the market where the falcons are exposed also leaves no doubt of their presence. The odor can turn the stomach of those with the most sensitive sense of smell, as is the case of the reporter.

Two hundred patients daily

Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital sees an average of 200 patients a day. Owners don’t need to worry about the cost, as all treatment is funded by the government🇧🇷 The structure is luxurious: marble floors, air conditioning and state-of-the-art appliances. The place performs surgeries, exams and has a large stock for feather transplants, which are collected from other animals and are kept in drawers.

The hospital draws the attention of tourists, especially during the World Cup. Guided tours are free. The person responsible for the tour explains that all birds have an identification, a kind of ring that is placed on the falcon with the owner’s data. Some animals are even identified by micro chips to facilitate location.

Photo: Aline Küller/Terra

Despite their care, hawks are known for their faithfulness. They may fly away, but they always come back to their owners. They also only accept food from those they were created for. No trying to buy these birds by mouth.

Can I have one? Is expensive?

Now, if you want to buy a falcon to have as a pet, you better prepare your pocket. The market in front of the hospital offers several stores with the most different styles of birds. I mean, that’s what sellers guarantee. For the reporter, who saw this type of animal for the first time, they looked very similar, not to mention the same. The value varies between 2 thousand rials to 1 million rials, approximately BRL 3 thousand to BRL 1.5 million🇧🇷

Photo: Aline Küller/Terra

According to an official, the price is determined by the speed of the hawks, which can reach up to 390 km/h and by the feathers. The seller explained that it is possible to identify these characteristics just by observing the birds.

The market also offers a wide range of accessories for falcons, in addition to being sought after by tourists for the traditional photo with the bird. Most of the time, you don’t even need to ask or offer money to register, the employees themselves offer you the opportunity to carry the animal for a few moments.

Falconry is a cultural hallmark of the people of the Middle East. The animals even have authorization to travel by plane in the region. They are known for their excellence in hunting and for having great eye vision, far superior to that of humans.

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