Fence jumping, broken stars and tension in the locker room

The European team has been washing its dirty laundry in public and is at risk of being out of the round of 16

30 november
– 09:31 am

(updated at 10:10 am)

Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium

Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium

Photo: Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

The most talented generation in Belgian football is in crisis on and off the pitch. Running the risk of elimination in the group stage at the World Cup in Qatar, Belgium players no longer make a point of hiding the bad atmosphere behind the scenes and are washing dirty clothes in public.

According to the French newspaper L’Equipethe defender Vertonghen argued with hazard and De Bruyne in the locker room. The climate warmed up and the striker lukaku needed to intervene to calm the mood. Recently, the midfielders declared that Belgium’s chance had passed. The analysis angered some players.

After the defeat to Morocco, the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois took all his frustration out on the bench. The Real Madrid holder punched the guard as he left the field. In addition to anger, Courtois is the protagonist of another tension in the Belgian delegation. He and De Bruyne broke off relations years ago over a jumped from fence🇧🇷

10 years ago, the Manchester City midfielder was still playing for Wolfsburg, from Germany, and cheated on his girlfriend with her best friend. At the time, Caroline Lijnen ended up getting involved with Courtois after De Bruyne’s betrayal.

“In the summer of 2012, Kevin told me he hooked up with my best friend. I gave him a choice: her or me. I was ready to give it another chance, but our relationship was never the same,” she told the magazine. Belgian Story.

Lijnen ended up meeting Courtois in Madrid, when he was still playing for Atlético de Madrid: “Kevin thought the trip was a good idea, I asked him before. But something that should never happen happened. That night, Thibaut offered me the that I never got in three years with Kevin. With Thibaut, I could talk about anything and he even cooked me a delicious meal. Kevin never did that for me. Kevin cheated on me and I thought “why shouldn’t I do that too? .”

Currently, the two teammates are already in another relationship. De Bruyne is married to Michele Lacroix. The couple has three children. Courtois is engaged to model Misehl Gerzig.

In third place in Group F, Belgium face Croatia on Thursday, 1st, at 12h. A victory guarantees the Belgians in the round of 16.

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