Find out what are the 4 biggest secrets about playing the lottery

Everyone wants to win lottery🇧🇷 The feeling of betting everything on the numbers can be addictive for some people, so they play all week. According to Play Pennsylvania, one in four people play the lottery once a month. In this article, we are going to tell you the 3 biggest secrets about playing the lottery, according to experts on the subject.

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Find out what are the 4 biggest secrets about playing the lottery

If you want to get lucky and win the lottery prize, know that this information is important:

Final payment tends to be lower than expected

According to experts, you will not always receive the amount that is being announced as the final prize.

“First, the lottery organizer 🇧🇷 be state or private 🇧🇷 will receive a share of the total amount of bets for you,” said Jessica Whitehouse, lottery expert. 🇧🇷Generally… it’s about 50% of the total amount of bets that they do for their own profit and to cover you costs like employeesbetting terminals, one percentage for at affiliate stores and promotion gives lottery🇧🇷

“O remaining will be divided among the players”, adds the specialist. “In some countries there is even an additional tax for big ones winners 🇧🇷 which is just ridiculous unless you can also deduct the cost of playing the lottery. Thereforeunless the award main or The reward by partial matches is greater than its risk, the lottery is clearly a match in 🇧🇷negative expectation🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

There is no way to get perks in these games

Many people when betting have some superstitions, but this is the maximum “advantage” that you can receive in this type of betting. match. “O secret is to know that there is not secret”, says the expert.

“You don’t increase your chances of winning by buying tickets on a certain day or at a certain time or in a certain store. One lottery administered correctly It is completely Random🇧🇷🇧🇷

“You can not predict you numbers based on previous draws🇧🇷 then The machine in prize draw or the balls don’t have ‘memory,’” she clarifies. “Any form of analysis historic From earnings is useless.

The odds are often misleading

Although people constantly bet on the lottery hoping to be awarded the prize, for many, these chances are almost nil. According to the experts, it’s important to remember this when you analyze your possibilities.

“Remember that the odds listed by lotteries can be misleading,” said US lottery expert Ed Wighton.

“For example, many lotteries advertise that players have a one in 38 chance of winning. What Many Don’t Realize It is that these premiums can only cover O cost of ticket, with the minimum premium from powerball from $4 being offered in the same probabilities🇧🇷

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