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The text ended up generating a lot of criticism for the journalist from the São Paulo newspaper.

The streamer’s World Cup coverage Casimiro Miguel is, without a doubt, the great novelty in a positive way in the issue of game broadcasts. Yesterday (28), for example, his YouTube channel broke the record for simultaneous views on YouTube Brazil during the match between Brazil and Switzerland for the Qatar World Cup.

According to livemode who manages the channel, the CazeTV peaked at 3.7 million views. The previous record was from the singer’s live Marília Mendonça, in 2020, which managed 3.3 million. With all this success, many people are praising the young man, but there are those who criticize him too. It was the case of the journalist Nelson de Saby the renowned newspaper Newspaper.

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Recently he wrote a text passing on his view on the content of the caze🇧🇷 There he says that the carioca is the biggest challenger of Galvão Buenobecause it comes to remember Faustão or Milton Neveswhen they appeared on the radio, with more talent for humor.

Still remembering that transmissions are from livemodea Brazilian company the streamer contracts with Google and amazon in the Cup, plus the FIFA+all offered “for free”, Nelson points out some problems that in his view go unnoticed by the public.

“Casimiro, in his disruption of the show, loads up on profanity, with passages like “press that they fart” or “I had a shit that it was zero to zero”. When a player was on the ground, after being hit in the neck, he charged his teammates, one by one, laughing like a teenager with the homophobic double meaning: “Have you ever been hit on the chin?”, he pointed out.

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