Free internet for Single Registry subscribers: how to apply?

Thousands of low income families registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) may be part of the internet brazil program🇧🇷 The joint initiative of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Education aims to provide free internet connection and promote digital inclusion.

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The benefit guarantees a chip and data package for basic education students from the public school network enrolled in the Single Registry. To participate, the student must be attending between the 3rd year of elementary school and the last year of high school.

According to the Secretary of Telecommunications at the Ministry of Communications, Nathalia Lobo, the initiative is in its first phase. In this stage, the following municipalities in four states will be covered:

  • Caruaru (PB)
  • Campina Grande (PB)
  • Petrolina (PE)
  • Juazeiro (BA)
  • Caicó (RN)
  • Mossoró (RN)

“We are going to inaugurate this project, this program, initially in these municipalities to carry out a pilot”, said Lobo. According to the secretary, all Brazilian schools will have an internet connection by the end of this year.

Wi-Fi Brazil Program

Another action mentioned by her is Wi-Fi Brasil, which takes internet via satellite to communities where broadband cannot reach. The program also assists people in social vulnerability.

According to information from the secretary, the program has already installed high-speed internet in more than 17,000 telecenters, health units and indigenous and quilombola communities. These points cover more than 3,000 municipalities, 78% of which are located in rural areas.

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