Galvão Bueno’s reaction to criticism of sexism against Ana Thaís

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Galvão BuenoGlobo’s official narrator for the games of Brazilian Team at Qatar World Cupdecided react to criticism that he has been receiving for his considered posture male chauvinist with the commentator Ana Thais Matos🇧🇷

After the match between Brazil and Switzerland, this Monday (28), users of social networks and journalists began to point out that Galvão has been ignoring Ana Thaís’ analyzeswho has a vast curriculum in sports coverage, in a position contrary to the one he adopts with other commentators, such as Júnior, for example, a veteran in Globo broadcasts.

In addition to internet users, one of the press professionals who criticized the way the narrator treats the commentator was Milly Lacombe, columnist for the UOL portal. She recalled that the fact that Ana Thaís was chosen by the broadcaster as a commentator is a great achievement, but stressed that her opinion “is always very different from the opinion of the male commentator, which is usually reverberated between them”. Milly points out that “women’s opinion falls into the ‘hum-hum’ ditch. Follow the game’. Not much interest is shown in what women say🇧🇷

Galvão did not comment directly on the matter, but took to Twitter this Tuesday (29) to celebrate the award he won from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) for his participation as a narrator in 13 World Cups.

Countless users of the social network, then, commented on the post pointing out machismo against Ana Thaís and criticizing the narrator. Galvao’s reaction was hide these publications. “He could celebrate by respecting the female commentator at his side”; “Very good, now just respect the commentator who is on the broadcasts more” and “Congratulations, but treat Ana better” are some of the comments from internet users that were omitted by the narrator.

Check out some of the publications that Galvão tried to hide

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