Gentili ironizes Eduardo Bolsonaro’s apology for going to Qatar

Danilo Gentili, 43, mocked the excuse of federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), who was seen at the Brazil game against Switzerland and claimed that he went to Qatar to deliver pen-drives that told about the current situation of the Brazil. The presenter called the parliamentarian a “dumb” and called him a “tramp” again.

In publications on Twitter, the presenter of “The Noite”, on SBT, joked that the politician must have traveled with the pen-drives inside his anus.

“Those pen-drives you took on a secret mission while disguising yourself as a scumbag must have bombshell contents! It stands to reason that you had to hide them until you could hand them over to the right hands yourself. Surely you’ve traveled [com] these thumb drives tucked in the c*,” he wrote.

Afterwards, Gentili questioned the sheik’s reaction after Eduardo showed the number of pen-drives. “But now seriously, Eduardo Bolsonaro, when the sheik saw you taking that bunch of pen-drive out of the c*, how did he react, brother?”, he questioned.

Yesterday, the presenter had already detonated after the parliamentarian was caught in Doha, Qatar, enjoying the World Cup next to his wife, Heloísa Bolsonaro, while at the same time inciting coup militants to make protests across the country.

Through his Twitter profile, Gentili referred to Eduardo as a “tramp”, and pointed out that the parliamentarian traveled to honor the Cup with the use of public money. The communicator also criticized the son “03” of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for sending “the fools” to face adverse situations to protest against the result of the elections that gave victory to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Very nice huh, Eduardo Bolsonaro, sending the fools who believe in fakes on WhatsApp to take a shower and shit in a chemical toilet in front of the barracks, while you use my money and their money to enjoy the Cup in the good way. Tramp. I hope one day see you pay for it”, published.

Eduardo and Heloísa discreetly traveled to Doha, the capital of Qatar, without informing their followers on social networks. However, the two were spotted by streamer Casimiro Miguel’s channel and the scene generated repercussions on the networks. They enjoyed the match played between Brazil and Switzerland at the 974 stadium and were criticized by Internet users.


This was not the first time that Danilo Gentili called Eduardo Bolsonaro a “tramp”. Last week, the presenter told the deputy to “stop crying” and contesting the presidential election with coup speeches.

When criticizing Eduardo Bolsonaro’s posture in the face of defeat, Danilo Gentili ordered the parliamentarian to exercise his legislative functions instead of complaining on the internet.

“Stop crying and go to work, bum,” he posted.

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