Globo is impolite when showing award in broadcast by Cléber Machado

During the break in the broadcast of today’s match between the Netherlands and Qatar, for the last round of the World Cup group stage, Cléber Machado called envoy Eric Faria to hear the news from the host country. The reporter highlighted the “Journalists on the Podium” award, dedicated to communication professionals who have covered eight or more World Cups, including the current edition. Cléber saluted himself, recalling that he had already narrated nine World Cups and, therefore, he also deserved the decoration.

It so happens that Cléber Machado, one of the longest-serving narrators of the Globo group, did not go to Qatar for on-site coverage after a sequence of eight World Cups as envoy. The annoyance is understandable. Globo was impolite and could have announced the award in any other broadcast, newspaper or sports program. There is room not to expose a professional who was left out of the sent team.

“Very good. Very beautiful. I want to congratulate myself too. They could send me something like that too. Here is the ninth World Cup. Ninth World Cup… I don’t know if it’s worth the distance, but send it by mail or bring it here for us”, said the narrator.

Even before the World Cup started on November 20, Cléber made headlines precisely because he was not on Globo’s list of envoys to Qatar. It is the first time he has narrated a World Cup from a distance in over 30 years. The station had two openings for open TV narrators: one of them is automatically filled by Galvão and the other was filled by Luis Roberto.

Despite this, the narrator had never shown discomfort or dismay with the fact. On the contrary. The good lines and great excitement added to the slips made Cléber become one of the main TV characters in coverage of the Qatar Cup.

Galvão Bueno was awarded by FIFA and AIPS (International Sports Press Association) for having narrated 12 finals of the competition throughout history. Cléber could have been spared the live announcement of the award.

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