Gringo newspapers reflect Brazil’s classification in the World Cup

The victory of the Brazilian team over Switzerland, as it could not be otherwise, generated great repercussions in the international media, with newspapers from all over the world talking about the classification of Tite’s team.

The Ecuadorian newspaper ‘Futbol Ecuador’, for example, cited Brazil as “unbeatable” in World Cups, while the Swiss media praised the performance of the European team. See the repercussions below.

  • Newspaper ‘Futbol Ecuador’ – Ecuador

There is nothing and no one that surpasses Brazil in terms of World Cups. Considered the main power of South American football, Brazil arrived with the sole mission of confirming its place as the team with the most titles in its showcase.”

  • Newspaper “La Temps” – Switzerland

Valente, Switzerland ends up giving in after insistence from Brazil. For 83 minutes, Switzerland effectively resisted Brazil. (…) They moved the ball from side to side with disconcerting ease.”

  • Newspaper “Olé” – Argentina

Thanks to Casemiro’s genius, Brazil beat Switzerland and reached the round of 16. It relieved Brazil, which was on the way to despair, having missed Neymar a lot.”

  • Newspaper “As” – Spain
  • Brazil threatens Spain. Destiny, capricious, especially in football, could put Spain and Brazil face to face in the quarterfinals, two of the best teams in the World Cup. (…) Tite’s team is a top-level squad, it’s a team with several of the best players in the world in their positions.”

  • Newspaper “A Bola” – Portugal
  • Brazil broke the curse of meetings with Switzerland in World Cups and, on the third, interrupted the series of two draws, registered in 1950 (2-2) and 2018 (1-1). At Estádio 974, in Doha, Tite’s team managed to overcome a mountain of difficulties to reach the goal, with Casemiro.”

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