Guest Jenna Ortega Is The New Queen Of Horror

Jenna Ortega is only 20 years old and is gaining more and more space in Hollywood. The actress stars in “Wandinha”, the new Netflix series based on the famous story of “The Addams Family”, and is one of the streaming guests for a CCXP22 panel, which takes place next Saturday (3).

Even young, she has already been in several horror productions: in the second season of “You”, about a stalker; she starred in “Pânico” (2022); she was part of the cast of “X: The Mark of Death”, indie slasher released this year, and was one of the survivors in “The Babysitter-The Queen of Death” (2020). The actress also appeared in “Terror at Studio 666” (2022) and “Insidious: Chapter 2” (2013). Ufa!

With so many productions of the genre in the curriculum, Jenna Ortega has been called “the new queen of terror”, but she herself believes that the title makes no sense.

In an interview with Splash, the actress says she does not perceive herself this way and explains that there is still a long way to go.

“I need to survive a few more times, but I think people like to kill me,” he joked.

To The New York Times, Jenna explained why the post still does not fit her: until her teens, she was very fearful and couldn’t even sleep without the lights on.

Born in California on September 27, 2022, the actress is the fourth of six children. Her parents are of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

Before being one of the most important names in the genre, Jenna was seen as a Disney star, as her first successful work was the youth series “The Middle Sister” (2016). She also made history by lending her voice to the animation “Elena de Avalor”, which aired between 2016 and 2020 and told the story of the studio’s first Latin princess.

His career, however, began earlier: at the age of nine.

“I saw Dakota Fanning in Flames of Revenge and told my parents I would become the Puerto Rican Dakota Fanning,” she told The New York Times. After she prophesied her profession, the girl begged her parents for three years to help her become an actress.

Jenna Ortega and the new Wandinha Addams from Wednesday - Reproduction/IMDb - Reproduction/IMDb

Jenna Ortega is considered one of the new ‘Queens of Horror’

Image: Reproduction/IMDb

Until, after much begging, he was given a book of monologues. When playing one of them, her mother filmed and posted the scene on Facebook. So Jenna went viral.

His first TV appearance took place in 2012, in an episode of the series “Rob”. Then, in 2013, she had a small role in “Iron Man 3” as the daughter of the Vice President of the United States.

Today, Jenna Ortega has different titles in her career, such as “Lovely Mafioso” (2014), “Rich Rich Rich” (2015), “After Words” (2015), “Saving Flora” (2018), “Jane The Virgin” (2014), “Life After” (2012) and many others.

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