Has your Nubank account been blocked? See what the bank says

Nubank accounts can be blocked from time to time. Do you know why this might happen? Find out the cause.

Nubank is one of the most used banks in Brazil today. Due to its practicality and the advantages that make digital financial institutions so attractive, millions of Brazilians have become fintech customers. However, in order to protect users, Nubank may eventually block an account. What to do if this happens?

What does Nubank say?

At first, an account can be blocked, according to Nubank itself, when any type of activity that seems suspicious is identified. Preventive blocks are a measure adopted by the bank in order to guarantee the security of the system and other users. There are some more specific situations that can lead to a blocked account.

When it is necessary to confirm the information provided by a customer – such as documents sent – ​​for example. This means that Nubank will be able to lock the account’s activities until it excludes any possibility of fraudulent operation behind the movements.

Any suspicion that the account is not being used by the holder may also result in its being blocked.

Blocked Nubank account: what to do?

When the account is blocked, as a rule, all application services are unavailable. It’s like the account is frozen. Next, Nubank itself initiates an investigation in order to investigate the potential frauds behind that account. When the problem is resolved, Nubank will contact you via email informing you that the account has been unblocked.

According to Nubank, blocking of accounts is almost always done for substantiated reasons. Fintech claims that less than 0.11% of blocked accounts are cases of deceit. This means that a blocked account usually means that there is indeed something wrong going on.

If the customer notices something strange in his account and Nubank has not yet intervened, he has the option of contacting us by email. [email protected]🇧🇷

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