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Anne Hathaway he certainly has a history of good bangs, which were allied with many characters he starred in movies. Whether fuller, to the side, thin or in the form of a curtain, the actress has already used the haircut in some versions.

As chic as it sounds, Hathaway’s bangs can be defined between a classic, full style and curtain bangs. The cut effortlessly frames her face and is finished with a soft tousled wave at the ends and natural texture to the strands.

The look is great inspiration for the upcoming season.

“Anne Hathaway is never afraid to change her look,” hairstylist Luke Hersheson tells British Vogue, “she’s the reason I don’t subscribe to the idea that your face shape should dictate your haircut – she’s capable of wear a rather graphic fringe.”

Thinking of cutting a fringe? If you decide so, talk to your stylist to find the shape that’s right for you – there’s a style for everyone. It is also worth understanding how to properly style it: a bang is undoubtedly a haircut that will require more care and maintenance. Look for a round brush and lift your hair upwards when blow-drying over your head for ideal volume.

Anne Hathaway — Photo: Getty Images

Below find some items that can help you achieve the perfect bangs.

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