Inseminations fail and woman gets pregnant with a donor in the traditional way

A Ukrainian woman who really wanted to be a mother managed to get pregnant from one of the most famous sperm donors in the world. However, instead of resorting to insemination, she preferred the traditional method and had sex with him to get his genetic material.

It is estimated that the North American Kyle Gordy, 31, known for having made numerous sperm donations, has 53 biological children spread across several countries. Although her offspring are immense, it was this factor that attracted Alina Iakushyna, 30, who decided that Gordy would be the father of her future baby.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the young Ukrainian had already sought help from sperm banks on several occasions, however all attempts to get pregnant failed. Alina even thought about giving up, but when she found Kyle Gordy’s Instagram profile, she saw him as her last hope.

Alina has been living in the United States since 2015. When researching Gordy, the woman was impressed with her biological children. So, through social networks, she made contact with the donor.

“All of his children were beautiful and soon I wrote to him and we had a video call. I was a little worried at first as I wanted to get to know him better, but we talked a lot and I really liked him. One of my main questions, the one that made If we sealed the deal, it was whether my son could find out about it. He replied, ‘Sure, we can see each other,’ and that reassured me. So after a few more conversations, we decided to meet in Miami,” she said.

On the other hand, there was another detail that needed to be defined in the agreement, which consisted of the way the pregnancy would be carried out. Alina was still traumatized by her failed attempts to conceive through insemination, which had left her with depression and financial losses. So she and Kyle decided that the pregnancy would happen directly through sex.

“I was desperate for a positive result, so instead of using a cup and syringe, we went the traditional route,” she explained. “At first I was nervous, but after meeting Kyle and talking to him for a while I felt really comfortable and it was a very positive experience. We did it again the next day.”

the great result

In the end, the tactic was successful, as seven days after the first sexual relations with Kyle, Alina performed a test that finally came back positive. “I can’t even convey the feeling—but I kept it a secret from everyone except Kyle. I remember how surprised he was and it was the happiest day of my life,” she recalled.

Alina now has a new goal, to go back to Ukraine to give birth close to her parents. However, the trip was advised against by doctors, as the young woman was facing a pregnancy and suffered the threat of a miscarriage twice.

In February 2022, the mother had a last ultrasound, which confirmed that the baby could be born at any moment. So, she had to cancel her trip to Ukraine, scheduled for March 3rd. Even so, in a few days, the European country was invaded by Russian soldiers, starting a war. The birth had to be done in the USA and, on February 23, little David Matthew was finally born.

While she was happy to realize her dream, she was concerned about the safety of her family members in the midst of armed conflict. “It’s a terrible feeling when you know your family is in danger and you don’t know if they survived.”

The young mother’s goal is to visit family in her home country to meet David. “I hope to one day go to Ukraine with David and be with my family – but for now I am grateful to Kyle for making my dreams come true.”

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