Iranian women denounce country spies in Qatar World Cup stands

Iran is eliminated from the World Cup, but the country’s political crisis is still slipping into Qatar. After the match in which the team was eliminated by the United States, a fan made a serious complaint about the presence of Iranian spies in the middle of the stands, to curb possible demonstrations.

“Since we came in the first game, they try to intimidate us and the security doesn’t do anything, I don’t understand why,” said the Iranian who introduced herself as Maria. They and other female fans said men were paid by the Iranian government to come to Doha with the mission of intimidating anyone who criticized the government during the World Cup. Three other women confirmed the allegation.

The report of UOL witnessed a shocking scene after the match, which you can see in the images above. Three Iranian women were attacked by men, also Iranians, at the exit of Al Thumama stadium. One of the women was surrounded by several men, who were wearing Iran fans T-shirts, and she had her cell phone taken by one of them.

The device was thrown from one side to the other in the middle of the crowd, while the fan ran after it and asked for help from stadium security. The Iranian women’s attackers dispersed before they could be identified by stadium security.

When contacted, FIFA stated that this episode is the responsibility of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which is the organizing committee of the World Cup in Qatar. O UOL contacted, but until the publication of this report had not received a response.

The woman who was attacked for protesting Iran’s dictatorship said the attackers “took my cell phone and attacked us”. Men dressed in Iranian cheering T-shirts tried to stop the report from the UOL of taking pictures of the scene, trying to take the reporter’s cell phone, as well as the stadium security.

In the melee a second Iranian woman was hit in the ribs. A third, who was trying to help a friend who was with two children when the trouble started, also said she was attacked by the group.

After being surrounded by Iranian men, the women were taken to an inner part of the stadium, where they were attended to by members of the World Cup organization. The security team then asked them to change clothes so that they would not be identified as protesters by the others.

FIFA prohibits political demonstrations during the World Cup, but Iranian women and supporters of their cause have managed to circumvent the restrictions. At the end of Iran v USA, a group of Russian feminists protested for women’s rights in the Persian country. But in their case, there were no reprisals.

In the match between Portugal and Uruguay, a fan invaded the field with a rainbow flag, in support of the LGBTQIA+ cause. The back of the man’s shirt read “respect for Iranian women”, while the front read “Save Ukraine”. And in the Iranian victory over Wales by 2-0, a fan displayed the name Mahsa Amini on her shirt and was approached by security at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium.

Tense situation in Iran

Protests against the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran have taken the country by storm. The girl was 22 when she was detained by the morality police in Tehran for not wearing the hijab, the white headscarf that covers women’s heads. She was arrested and turned up dead three days later.

The population says that Mahsa would have been hit in the head, the police say that the cause of death was a heart attack, a situation that revolted the population of Iran. After that, protests grew in the streets of the country and the subject also entered inside and outside the stadiums in Qatar.

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