Is Lensa paid? how to create avatar online and packs

In recent weeks, the application Lensa became a rage on social media after launching a new feature: the ability to create realistic avatars using Artificial intelligence (IA). With that, several internet users started to test the new tool.

called from magic avatars, the new feature can make a digital version of anyone, in video game-like quality. To create your avatar, you need to upload up to 20 photos.

In order to obtain a satisfactory result, it is necessary to follow some guidelines. In this matter, we will show you how to use the application correctly. Check out:


First of all, it is necessary to follow a guide within the application, so that the result will be more consistent with reality, the list below contains what is necessary to carry out the resource correctly:

  • Minimum 10 and maximum 20 photos;
  • Be the same person in every photo;
  • Not contain another person in any of the photos;
  • Only selfies and portraits;
  • Variety of backgrounds;
  • Variety of facial expressions;
  • Variety of head angles;
  • No photo session, that is, in the same scenario;
  • No intimate photos;
  • No kids, adults only.

According to this short list, the result must be satisfactory for the user. Emphasizing that these are application rules.

creating the avatar

Inside the application, follow the step by step:

  • Tap the option ”magic avatars” located in the top left corner of the mobile and then select ”try now🇧🇷
  • On the next screen, tap ”Continues” and agree with the terms of privacy and use of the app;
  • Next, upload the photos, using the icon ”Select 10-20 Photos🇧🇷
  • Then just select your gender;
  • Finally, choose the plan you want and select ”Purchase for BRL” to finish the creation.


Lensa is a photo editor that has premium features for subscribers, in the case of Magic Avatars, it is a paid platform tool. Prices vary according to the number of avatars you want to create:

  • 50 unique avatars (5 variations of 10 styles) – BRL 22.90🇧🇷
  • 100 unique avatars (10 variations of 10 styles) – BRL 34.90🇧🇷
  • 200 unique avatars (20 variations of 10 styles) – BRL 44.90🇧🇷

Payment can be made by credit card or the available balance on your account. Google Play or in app store🇧🇷

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