Istanbul Airport is the first in the world to achieve airport accessibility certification

Airports Council International (ACI World) reports that İGA Istanbul Airport in Turkey has become the first airport in the world to be certified under its new program ACI Accessibility Enhancement Accreditationan unprecedented program dedicated to airport accessibility.

This certification program, launched in September 2022, provides for a continuous trajectory of improving accessibility for passengers with disabilities, which includes people with physical and non-apparent disabilities. This level of certification achieved by Istanbul Airport is designed to help airports measure, evaluate and improve their accessibility management and culture. It was developed collaboratively between accessibility advocacy groups, airports, industry partners and the ACI.

The director general of ACI World, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, states that “it is with great satisfaction that ACI presents Istanbul Airport, a leading global airport, as the first to be certified by the program Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation🇧🇷 The airport has long been an advocate of accessibility and this certification comes as proof of its commitment to the reality of inclusive air travel.

Accessibility in air travel is a top priority for the industry and this has been reflected in our recent advocacy work with governments through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as well as in the capabilities we are developing for airports. Input from accessibility advocacy groups has been absolutely critical to this program as we work to create an air travel system for all people that is equitable, inclusive and affordable. And we look forward to welcoming more airports into the program next year.”

İGA Istanbul Airport CEO Kadri Samsunlu said he sees “accessibility as a fundamental human right. As İGA Istanbul Airport, with the support of our stakeholders, we ensure equal, respectful and professional treatment in accessing our services, we foster an exceptional environment to create an inclusive culture that hires and supports people with disabilities. We are proud to be the first airport in the world to be certified by the program ACI Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation and we will continue to improve accessibility on an ongoing basis, in solidarity with all local and international communities who advocate for inclusion and accessibility.”

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