Jessica Alba’s natural face mask only has four ingredients. Will it be effective? – NiT

Jessica Alba’s natural face mask only has four ingredients. Will it be effective?

One of the beauty tricks of the actress can be done with homemade food. NiT spoke to a dermatologist about the advantages of the method.

The actress is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

No one looks especially pretty in face masks. Especially because they usually have a color and a rough layer that makes us look like we came out of a science fiction movie. However, thanks to their importance for skin health, they are part of many people’s beauty routine. Of all the options, homemade masks are a growing bet to moisturize the skin.

Unlike the products we find on the market, the aim of these recipes — which are made with ingredients that we have at home — is that contact with the skin is 100 percent natural. They were a hit during the pandemic when everyone was at home, but they continue to grow in popularity thanks to celebrities like Imaan Hammam, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba.

“No specialist can recommend a homemade recipe, because it is not something controlled and there is no notion of quantities”, explains Luís Uva, clinical director of Personal Derma, to NiT. “It’s not like we’re going to make a cake, where a recipe tells us to put in half a teaspoon or so of olive oil.”

However, despite the warnings, the influence of the big names in the industry continues to win over the masses. At age 26, Jessica Alba had already been elected the sexiest woman in the world by scientists at the University of Cambridge and continues, at 41, to be a presence in the ranking of the most beautiful people on the planet.

One of the secrets of the American actress is not in Honest products, her beauty brand, but in her commitment to natural care. With just four easy-to-find ingredients — honey, oat flakes, yogurt and flax seeds — the Hollywood star creates a concoction which you leave to act for 10 minutes on your bare skin after adding hot water.

The properties of these ingredients

With regard to honey, the food is known for its antibacterial power and for being “an excellent wound healer, used in various creams for people who have ulcers.” However, despite helping to moisturize, the dermatologist points out that also “has properties that can increase the oiliness of the skin”🇧🇷

“What makes the most sense, in the case of honey, is mixing it with olive oil or avocado to really nourish the skin. When it’s dehydrated and flaky, it needs that oiliness,” he adds. And even though oats can control oiliness, “one doesn’t compensate for the other, because [o cereal] ends up being suspended and does not mix very well”.

If you feel the need to control oiliness, cornstarch, used as a paste alone, is one of the best options. To calm the skin, and here the combination with oats is effective, you can make a mixture with chamomile infusion. “Put yourself [a receita] in the fridge and apply for 20 minutes with compresses”, adds the specialist

As for the yogurt that Alba does not rule out either, it is exfoliating and promotes cell renewal as it contains lactic acid. “It was the first thing to be used for skin, in ancient times, by Cleopatra.” However, once again, it should not be mixed with honey, it works best when combined with beaten peeled cucumber.

“Natural ingredients are good, but it is difficult to measure the amount of each active ingredient in these foods”, warns Luís Uva. “It is for this reason that controlled dermocosmetics exist. The natural product can be stronger, sometimes too strong”.

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