Man who downloaded movies, series and music from the internet was CONDEMNED

A man was sentenced by Justice after illegally downloading movies, series and music from the internet. The information surrounding the case shows that this man downloaded about 100 TB (terabytes) of pirated content. It is known that the practice is a crime and that many countries have laws against piracy.

These laws, in most cases, are punished by imprisonment or the payment of high fines. However, in this man’s case, he was ordered to pay 80 hours of community service. In addition, he had his own computer confiscated. Come find out more details and where the case happened.

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Terabytes of illegally downloaded material

The 28-year-old man who was convicted was a user of the DanishBytes website. As its name suggests, if translated into Portuguese, the site has a domain in Denmark, which was the European country where the case happened.

Among the 100 TB of downloaded content are: movies, series, music and pirated software. In addition, there are 20 TB of copyrighted content that was also improperly shared by the criminal who did not have the home revealed.

Investigations into the case were led by the anti-piracy group Rights Alliance. According to the group, the man was more active on the DanishBytes website than most other users. Investigations show that he shared about 3,000 works protected by copyright in less than a year.

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How he was identified and the punishment

So far, Danish justice has not provided details of how the investigations were carried out or how the convicted man was identified. Rumor has it that identification was facilitated because the website he was a user of emerged in early 2021. That is, it was recent and had few users.

This may have made it easier for authorities to identify and locate the man by tracking his activities on the portal. With the vast amount of evidence, which was collected during the investigations, the accused pleaded guilty.

Despite having declared himself and there was evidence that indicated the man’s guilt, the Vibourg Court only determined “a sentence of 60 days of probation, 80 hours of community service and confiscation of his computer”. In addition, he must also pay an indemnity of 5,000 Danish kroner, which is equivalent to just over R$ 3,200, to the Rights Alliance.

Faced with a light sentence, without ordering the arrest of the criminal, Maria Fredenslund, director of the Rights Alliance, showed dissatisfaction with the decision of the Danish Justice to apply only community service and a fine.

“At the Rights Alliance, we are very focused on identifying those behind illegal file-sharing services. But it is equally important that we bring to justice the users who are on these illegal services and who help them to remain in operation”, said the director of the company.

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