Martin Freeman Says ‘Secret Invasion’ Will Be Marvel’s Most “DIFFERENT” Series

In an interview with Digital Spy, the actor martin freeman said that the new series of MCU🇧🇷Secret Invasion‘, should be very different from anything we’ve seen in the series released by disney+🇧🇷

He who plays Everett Ross said that even though he had not read the entire script for the series, he thought that there is something unique in the production in question.

“It looks very different from the things I’ve seen. It seems like a small change. Yes, in ways I wouldn’t be able to describe. Again, I didn’t see everything. I haven’t even read the entire script.”spoke the star of ‘The Hobbit🇧🇷

Something that is curious, since the series should also prepare the ground for the next film of the ‘Avengers🇧🇷 And you, do you think that what the actor says is really possible?

Watch the trailer for the series:

Take the time to watch:

Samuel L. Jackson stars in the production as the relentless Nick Fury. The cast will also feature the return of former SHIELD agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), CIA agent Everett Ross (martin freeman) and War Machine James Rhodes (Don Cheadle🇧🇷

The group will embark on an adventure involving the Skrull, the shapeshifting aliens introduced in ‘captain marvel🇧🇷

Check out the official synopsis:

🇧🇷Secret Invasion’ is a newly announced series for disney+ which brings Samuel L. Jacksonn like Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn clike the Skrull Talos – characters who met in ‘Captain Marvel’. The series marks the crossover event behind a faction of shape-shifting Skrulls that infiltrated Earth years ago.”

Remembering that it was announced during the panel at san diego comic conwhat ‘Secret Invasion‘ will be released in 2023, during the North American spring (period between March and May).

The cast ofSecret Invasion‘ will also feature Emilia Clarke🇧🇷 Olivia Colman🇧🇷 Kingsley Ben-Adir🇧🇷 Carmen Ejogo🇧🇷 Christopher McDonald and Killian Scott🇧🇷

The production should be inspired by the comics of the same name, which show Fury (jackson) and Talos (Mendelsohn), the leader of the Skrulls, during an alien invasion of Earth.

The first season will have six episodes.

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