Meet Flossie, the oldest living cat in the world who is 27 years old

Recently, Flossie, a cat aged almost 27, was crowned the world’s oldest living cat, according to Guinness World Records. His current age equals 120 human years. The official world recognition took place last Thursday, the 24th, for his record age of 26 years and 392 days, according to the press release. The cat is in excellent health, despite being deaf and visually impaired.

🇧🇷I knew it since O start what Flossie was one cat special but no imagined what would share my house with a world record holder”, said the cat’s owner, Vicki Green. Flossie was adopted after being handed over to the Cats Protection charity in August this year at UK🇧🇷 Understand more about this record.

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Understand a little more about the record conquered by Flossie

🇧🇷She is so loving and playfulespecially sweet when you remember how many years old she is🇧🇷 I’m immensely proud in that Cats Protection matched me up with a cat so amazing🇧🇷 said the cat’s tutor.

Photo: Guinness World Records

In the first few months of her life, in 1995, Flossie lived in the northwest of England, like a stray cat, near a hospital in Liverpool. Before Green, the cat had another owner, who worked at this hospital, and with whom Flossie lived for 10 years, until she died.

After the death of the first guardian, his sister took care of Flossie for 14 years, until she, too, passed away. Her third owner was her son, and the cat lived with him for another three years before ending up at the Cats Protection foundation.

🇧🇷we stayed amazed When saw what you records Flossie’s Veterinarians showed that she was 27 years old”, said foundation branch coordinator Naomi Rosling in a statement.

More information about adopting Flossie

A good portion of people who adopt cats prefer to adopt younger animals, and for this reason, senior cats typically end up spending their last years in shelters or foundations, according to the statement.

“I always wanted to give older cats a comfortable life”, says Green, who wants to encourage people to adopt older animals.

Curiosity about the oldest cat in the world

The oldest cat in the world has died at the age of 38. His name was Crème Puff, and he cat died on August 6, 2005.

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