Meet Selena Gomez’s friend who aroused the wrath of fans: “Toxic”

One of the best friends of Selena Gomez, the podcaster Raquelle Stevensis being called toxic on the internet and has already become the number one enemy of some of the actress’s fans. Only Murders in the Building.

The girl was already known to Selena’s fans for participating in several episodes of the culinary program Selena+Chefwhich is available on HBO Max.

Now, she rose to prominence by appearing in the documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Mefrom Apple TV +, however, fans are complaining about the “weird” friendship between the two and criticized her for the way she treated Selena in the documentary.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez in Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me (Playback)

But what was the ‘wrong close’ of the girl that made the public complain so much about her?

Fans know that Selena, despite being used to the cameras and the stage since she was a child, tends to suffer from panic and anxiety attacks when she has to perform in public.

So, according to a publication on the website, many fans thought that Raquelle’s treatment of Selena was very strange in a specific scene where the singer was nervous before giving a speech at McLean Psychiatric Hospital about health problems. mental.

Even the actress herself was baffled by her friend’s behavior, who walked in where she was and chose to ignore her instead of being supportive and calming her down.

On the internet, some fans used social networks to express themselves, saying:

“Just because Raquelle went through everything with Selena doesn’t give you the right that she can be so toxic, dismissive, controlling and passive-aggressive towards Selena.”

Raquelle Stevens and Selena Gomez in a scene from Selena+Chef (Reproduction)
Raquelle Stevens and Selena Gomez in a scene from Selena+Chef (Reproduction)

Another fan tweeted:

🇧🇷[Sou] A certified Raquelle Stevens hater after watching this Selena documentary, truly the strangest behavior.”

But things didn’t stop there. There were still other podcaster attitudes that fans classified as toxic.

In one scene in particular, Selena had just returned from London, landed in Los Angeles and shot a music video the next day.

Because of this, she preferred to rest and not attend a birthday party she was invited to, which aroused Raquelle’s annoyance.

Selena herself questioned her friend: “Do you think I’m complaining about my job?” to which Raquelle responded, “Yeah, it sounded like it was.”

A fan also tweeted about the scene, saying:

“That whole scene with Raquelle was insane. I have a heart condition and for me, just taking ONE ride can be physically exhausting. Selena has a health problem, there was severe jet lag and [ela] I wanted to take care of your body…”

Selena Gomez and Raquelle Stevens (Twitter Playback)
Selena Gomez and Raquelle Stevens (Playback / Twitter)

But not everything is hate; there were also fans who came to her defense

Although Raquelle seemed to have received very negative reactions to the way she was portrayed, fans who also stood up for her for being a supportive friend.

“Watching the documentary @selenagomez and frankly Raquelle Stevens is such a deep and emotionally intelligent person. She has truly guided Selena through some very difficult times,” one person wrote.

“Raquelle is amazing, she understood Selena Gomez all this time, supporting her through everything and being very understanding. Thank you Raquelle,” said another person.

Raquelle and Selena have known each other for at least ten years, according to the publication that the former made in honor of the latter on her 30th birthday, in which she wrote.

“A decade of life together, so grateful! Happy 30th Selly, we love you so much”, said the blonde.

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