Milly: Even without Neymar, I can’t support a team like ours – 11/29/2022

during the program News Analysis today (29), the columnist for UOL Milly Lacombe spoke about the Brazilian team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and said that even without Neymar on the field — the star injured his right ankle in the selection’s debut, and had to stay out of the match between Brazil and Switzerland yesterday (28) — cannot support a national team like the Brazilian one.

“Neymar is a figure that symbolizes many things there, but he is not the only one. This is a selection of politically alienated people or defenders of the extreme right. Even Tite, who is a nice guy and has already positioned himself socially at other times, this time it’s on the wall,” she said.

Milly also said that the Brazilian team “is at home” when playing in Qatar, a country that restricts the rights of women and LGBTQIA+ people, among other factors.

Although she can’t support the national team, the columnist for UOL said that she was very moved by the second goal by striker Richarlison during the match between Brazil and Serbia.

Finally, Milly said that Neymar, who is the “star of the team” and “one of the best players in the world”, makes a difference when he is on the field.

“For those who support Brazil, it’s better that he’s there. Regardless of who Neymar is, even playing poorly, he attracts the mark. He’s really the man of this team.”

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