‘Nanny’: Horror with Anna Diop and Michelle Monaghan wins official images and premiere date on Prime Video

O Prime Video released the new official images of ‘nanny‘, director and screenwriter’s debut feature film Nikyatu Jusustarring Anna Diop (we) and Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect).

This is the first horror film to win the Sundance Film Festival’s Dramatic Grand Jury Prize and only the second time that honor has been bestowed on a black female director.

🇧🇷nanny‘ debuts on Prime Video in December 16th🇧🇷

Check it out, along with the trailer, and follow the CinePOP on YouTube🇧🇷

Take the time to watch:

Nanny is a genre film that blends psychological horror with culturally relevant issues of social identity, including race, gender, and socioeconomic status. In it, Aisha (Anna Diop), a woman who recently emigrated from Senegal to the United States, is hired to care for the daughter of a wealthy couple (Michelle Monaghan and morgan spector) who lives in New York. Haunted by the absence of the son she left behind, Aisha hopes her new job will give her the chance to bring him to the US, but grows increasingly uneasy with the volatile life of the family she works for. As her arrival draws near, a violent presence begins to invade her dreams and her reality, threatening the American Dream she has been meticulously crafting.

Sinqua Walls (American Soul), morgan spector (The Golden Age), Rose Decker (Easttown Sea) and Leslie Uggams (Deadpool).

Directed and written by Nikyatu Jusuthe film is produced by Nikkia Moulterie and Daniela Taplin Lundberg🇧🇷

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