Negative people who need money can apply for a loan and put their cell phone as collateral

The loan with cell phone guarantee allows the consumer, even if his name is negative, to put his cell phone as collateral when taking out a loan. Thus, although contracting is done easily, there is a risk that the user may have his phone blocked in case of default.

Furthermore, the loan amount can vary between R$300.00 and R$3,000, depending on the customer’s cell phone and, as a rule, the payment is divided into up to 12 installments.


Juvo offers credit between R$500.00 and R$2,500.00, which can be paid in up to 11 installments. In this way, interest is around 11.9% per month, with an additional annual CET of 525.13%.

Therefore, Juvo accepts the following mobile phone brands as a guarantee: Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Lenovo, among others.

Mister Money

With 100% digital contracting and release in one day, Mister Money also offers the loan with cell phone guarantee. However, the company does not disclose how much it makes available, not even the fees charged, only that the credit can be paid in 12 installments.


FinanZero has more than 60 partner institutions. Thus, when simulating a loan, several options of these partnerships are presented. In this way, the platform provides credit with cell phone guarantee with an amount between R$ 500.00 and R$ 900.00, with monthly interest rates starting at 12.5%.

Super Yes

Finally, the main product offered by Super Sim is the cell phone guarantee loan, in which, if the customer fails to pay his debt, his device will be blocked and he will only be able to receive emergency phone calls. Thus, it is possible to contract up to R$ 2,000 with an interest rate that varies between 12.9% am and 17.5% pm and can be paid in 12 installments, including negative debts.

Image: Marcello Casal jr/Agência Brasil

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